Thursday, January 29, 2009

Boston Phoenix Reports... Chip has the "YouTube clip of 2009"

***SPECIAL THANK YOU 2 David Thorpe @ The Boston Phoenix. If it wasn't for him, none of this would have ever happened!!! Just under 1,000,000 plays on YouTube, dozens of video replys, over 10,000 comments! THANKS TO THE FANS AGAIN TOO, WITHOUT THEM NONE OF THIS IS POSSIBLE... ENJOY.***

The Big Hurt: Dare to meme

Apologies in advance for the YouTube clip of 2009

By DAVID THORPE | January 28, 2009

VIDEO: "Interior crocodile alligator. I drive a Chevrolet movie theater."

Internet memes are kinda like wildfires: some asshole throws a cigarette butt out his car window, then he turns on the news the next day and the entire state is being evacuated and all the asshole can do is pull an Urkel voice and go, "Did I do that?" In this metaphor, as in most metaphors involving assholes, I am that asshole.

In September of 2007, a friend of mine played me a mixtape track by an up-and-coming Cleveland rapper known as Chip tha Ripper. It was an uncommonly hilarious freestyle packed with bizarre boasts and amazing taunts:

"30s on my Chevrolet call me supa dupa
Garage like Roots, I got more whips than Kunta
Riviera sittin' on the Bulls' best hoopa
Y'all still ridin' 20s, y'all some Oompa Loompas"

The greatest line, however, was the very last. Delivered with exaggerated, almost educational enunciation, it was a flamboyant whip boast the likes of which we'd never heard:

"Interior crocodile alligator
I drive a Chevrolet movie theater"

My friend rewound that line and played it over and over. It stuck out as an incredibly satisfying rap lyric, maybe the best couplet of the year: self-contained, perfectly symmetrical, and totally quotable (even if the only screen in my car is a digital clock still stuck on Daylight Saving Time). It handily beats Chamillionaire's analogous "so many screens up in the slab, I'm drivin' a computer lab" in the car-metaphor arena, which is where rap's most heated intellectual battles are fought.



The Mayor said...

HELL YESSS, the full track is THE SHIT - cant wait for a new track with the hook, shit is gonna explode

Anonymous said...

It's scary you don't pick up the sarcasm here. This guy is MAKING FUN you!

Kev - S.L.A.B. ENT. said...

i love people who post anonymous... dont be a hoe.

Its actually a positive article you just dont know how to read. or maybe its your can read sentences but not COMPREHEND them.


The Mayor said...

WOW, we dont give a fuck what your lame ass thinks - 1,000,000 hits speaks for itself

The Mayor said...

its scary that this lame ass anonymous cant pull the article together. i just read it again and yeah parts were sarcastic but shit man, this dude was into the track and chip

i agree with kev.......