Friday, October 31, 2008

T-Pain feat. Kayne West - "Therapy"

Credit:Fake Shore Drive

Here Mr. and, um, Mr. Auto Tune get together for a new track from Pain's upcoming release, Thr33 Rings. And guess what? Yeezy kicks an actual rap, so you "Robocop" haters can fall back.

On this one, Teddy Pinned-Her-Ass-Down, talks about how'd he rather "beat the clown" (so to speak) than bust down his ol' lady. Thanks for the visual! My day has officially been ruined. Trick or Treated.

T-Pain feat. Kanye West - "Therapy"

T - Pain - Karaoke ft.(DJ KHALED)

Check out this new joint by T - pain - Karaoke Ft. ( Dj khaled ) He is paying homage to the auto-tune and is letting everyone know he isn't going out of style anytime soon. He also puts all the swag jacker's in check. Gotta see This.....

Thanks On

Video: Lil Wayne x 4th Single x Lebron x Nike

Nice Video... 4th Single off the Carter 3.

Check the Lebron x Weezy x Nike Commercial BELOW.
Heard about it a couple weeks ago, and saw it for the 1st time the other night during the Cavs game. Its Brony season!

Barack Obama On The Daily Show

Gotta love Obama's energy... Comforting to see a strong speaker and someone who is up on his Popular Culture.


Kat Williams Cartoon - Gangsta Tigers [Unedited Version]



Great video... really helps portray the "ignorance" in our country, the "generation gap" issue, how important it is to vote, and IF ANYTHING our buddies the Kidz in the Hall are in the video!

ENJOY!!! Go & Vote Nov. 4th!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

VIDEO: Ruby Hornet x Chip Tha Ripper x St!zo: Dia De Los Muertos Tee

VIDEO: Ruby Hornet x Chip Tha Ripper x St!zo: Dia De Los Muertos Tee - Photoshoot from Kevin M on Vimeo.

YouTube Version:

Special thanks to Roosevelt Treasurechest over at He set up the whole photoshoot, and always looks out when we're in Chicago!!!

Read More HERE @

VIDEO: Documentary on Young Chicago Artists

CHICAGO TALENT - "Uncompromised" from Anthony Esquivel on Vimeo.

Stole this from Andrew over @ Fake Shore Drive...

Video includes many of our favorites and friends from Chicago!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

RH Photos: GLC's "I Ain't Even On Yet" Listening Party

Special thanks to everybody @ the GLC's "I Ain't Even On Yet" Listening Party.
Snatched this from RTC over @ Ruby Hornet.
Many of you know GLC from "Drive Slow" a Kayne West song featuring GLC & Paul Wall. Great to see good music, no pun intended, and hard work gets you places.


More Pics Below...

(GLC, Roosevelt Treasurechest)
(Jerome, J. Ivy, and Andrew Barber)

(THE HOMIE... Million Dolla Mano)

(RTC, Mikkey Halsted, and some ladies)
(Had to Post this... GLC had the all black Air Yeezy's on. AHHHHH!)

VIDEO: Kidz in the Hall on Karmalopp TV

CREDIT: Fake Shore Drive

This video is HILARIOUS!!!
HIPSTER BEEF... LoL. They actually challenged Asher Roth to a game of flip cup!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ruby Hornet X St!zo: Dia De Los Muertos Tee - Photoshoot

(Picture: left to right... Chip, Lola, and RTC)

Whats gooooooood? WE IN CHICAGO...

Special thanks to Alex of Ruby Hornet aka Roosevelt Treasure Chest aka RTC, for the dope T-Shirt's and a dope photoshoot while we were in Chicago for GLC's Listening Party last night.

Read More About The T-Shirts HERE.

Check out some more pics below...


Dj E-V "I RUN OHIO" from Dj E-V on Vimeo.

You Tube Version

ill try to update the blog while chip is in chi-town..... till wed.

Monday, October 27, 2008

I RUN OHIO (This Thursday)


Entourage - season 5, episode 8 [HD quality & streaming]!

Snatched this from DCtoBC... ENJOY!

season 5, episode 8: first class JERK!

"turtle scores a first class seat next to the star of a now finished HBO series, and makes a mile-high claim to the guys; josh weinstein courts vince whilst ari is distracted."

don’t thank me. THANK READING. the south carolina to BC connect. wow. she has the dopest dope. oh boy.

as usual, it’s in HD quality. that’s hella dope for you suckers. as always. enjoy, guys.


that way, i know you appreciate the hookup. over 6,000 people will DL, and only like 10 people will leave comments. come on, guys! leave props. otherwise, i’m throwing in a trick link! believe me, you won’t be happy you downloaded it. so bring some heat, please.

and WHILE you download, stick around. check what else has to offer. bookmark us. read the entries, check out the videos, and leave some love there, too. after all, that’s why i put these entourage joints up. to reel people in. i’ve got a few new loyal readers that way. trust me, you’ll enjoy.


DL: entourage - season 5, episode 8 [HD quality]

T-Pain's Thr33 Rings Packing


T-pain really showed off with this one. His album packing is redic! This really grabs my attention because if your like me, you loved pop-up books when you were a little kid. That shit was dope. Check this track with him an DJ Khaled.

T-Pain ft. DJ Khaled - Karaoke

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Snatched this from Billionaires Boy Club Blog...


Culinary Art School

Stole this from DCtoBC, I know alot of people don't f*ck wit Gucci Mane and OJ Da Juiceman... But we do! Hahaha... download the mixtape!!!

DL: oj da juiceman - culinary art school

Saturday, October 25, 2008

HBO x Kid Cudi

I was reading this post over at Hip Hop Update...
Congrats to the homie Cudi again!! Just killin' everything right now.

I read this today at work but didn't put it together until now, partially because I kept reading the name "Scott Mescudi." Anyways, Scott aka Kid Cudi, has been casted to be part of the new HBO pilot, "How to Make it in America." The show should be very interesting - sort of like an "Entourage" with a little less glamour and a little more struggle - at least that's what the premise sounds like. You can read the article HERE.

So again, congrats! Cudi has only dropped a mixtape and already dude has critical acclaim from Kanye West [not to mention a pair of Yeezy's], he rocks the stage with the best of um and now he's acting for an HBO show.

"Are You Gay Mr. Carter?"

Man, I saw this on a few sites this morning. I can't believe the shit this dude was saying to Weezy...
Im sure Weezy will be fine... I would be too if I had the money he's got, you could say whatever you want to me! LoL.

Peep this track off the new Ludacris album too...

Ludacris - Last Of A Dying Breed (Ft. Lil’ Wayne)

Notorious Trailer

Been hearing alot about this movie, finally the FULL trailer.
Looks like they did a great job with it.

Obama vs. McCain Danceoff - Watch more free videos

Credit: Hip Hop Update

Man this shit is sooooo funny!

Kayne West - "Robocop"

Well... Again... I can't stand Kayne when he uses the Autotune thing, ever since the "I Put On" verse. Never liked it, he's to good of an artist, people want to hear Kayne's voice not this shit.

But... none the less no hate over here, its still Kayne people.

*Credit - Fake Short Drive

Kanye West - "Robocop"

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ludacris Recaps The BET Awards

Grabbed this one from Tibs over @ Go Where Hip Hop.

Great video, Ludacris still one of the coldest in the game. I think what Killer Mike had to say about Luda sums up why he is not only one of the best on the music side, but as a business man truely has taken his career to new heights.

Example: You can check Ludacris out in the new movie MAX PAYNE.


Common Speaks About Next Album-The Believer


Common says he got distracted by "Universal Mind Control" but the Believer will be coming! The Universal Mind Control album was mostly helmed by the Neptunes, but Kanye West does pop up. Common made that choice because he hopes to get his music in the clubs for the first time in his career.

Common hopes to hit the road in support of his current project. "I'mma tour starting the beginning of next year," he said. "We just did a tour with N.E.R.D., which was real live. But we're gonna go out again and tour with this album."

Universal Mind Control will be released December 9.

This will supposedly be Produced by KanYe and No I.D. Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I love my blackberry curve and of course the I-phone is well its an I-phone lol but Its a new day and age for the mobile phone and here it is

Introducing the Google phone check it out !!!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

HILARIOUS Hyundai Commercial

I was just browsing the internet, Vimeo specifically, and stumbled upon this funny ass commercial.
This dude and his kids PUNCH the shit out of everything, hahahaha!

Hyundai Santa Fe "Kostya Tszyu" from Film Construction on Vimeo.

Chip's BDAY BASH @ Kent State this Friday!

VIDEO: Chip Tha Ripper BDAY BASH Trailer from Kevin M on Vimeo.


Found two videos on Yeezy's blog today that caught my eye... The first one is a new Sony commercial. Dope concept!

Sony Bravia "Domino City" from Film Construction on Vimeo.

The second video is just unreal... You have to watch it and see.


Jim Jones doing his version of Day N' Nite... haha
Cudi's just EVERYWHERE!

Get Hip.

T.I. “Live Your Life” f/ Rihanna [Trailer]

CREDIT: Go Where Hip Hop

This song is one of those life altering tracks...
Lovin' the video trailers now...
Can't wait to see the full video.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Arize Magazine x Mixtape Download x Chip Tha Ripper

Special thanks to Steve @ Arise Magazine for featuring Chip...

Chip tha Ripper is currently an independent artist, on his own record label, S.L.A.B. Entertainment. Chip has a highly touted mixtape called “Money”, he has hosted Cleveland’s most successful mixtape to date, “DJ E-V Presents: Bitch I’m From Cleveland” and has been featured on hundreds of national mixtapes. Legendary producer, Hi-Tek, put Chip on his first industry album, Hi-Teknology 3. Followed up by a feature on the Kidz in the Hall album, “The In Crowd.” His most recent work to date is his highly anticipated “Can’t Stop Me” Mixtape which is free for download at Also, Chip has gained respect in the form of Sposorships from clothing company’s, DC Shoes, thee monster skateboard clothing company and Gold Coin Clothing out of San Francisco.



VIDEO: Chip Tha Ripper BDAY BASH Trailer from Kevin M on Vimeo.


Kid Cudi - XXL Magazine: The Freshman. Class of '09

Yoooooooo... Looks like the homie Kid Cudi is about to be featured on XXL Cover.
Cudi deserves everything now and what is to come in his bright future...

Kayne West cosigns on his blog... CLICK HERE TO SEE!!!

Kid's killin the game, fuck what the haters thought!

Looks like a good issue.

Leak Jones Trailer

YouTube Version

Download the Mix Tape & check out new songs, videos now!

Kidz In The Hall On The Road & On CURRENT TV

Nice little video, it looks like my man Double-O (one half of Kidz in the Hall) behind the video camera the whole time, he's a funny ass dude.

Check the Video out when they were in Cleveland for a show kickin it with Chip...

Next video is super dope, shows where Double-O & Naledge, Kidz in the Hall, went to college, how they meet, and a nice tour of the University of Penn. IVY LEAGUE if yeeee aint know. lol

Monday, October 20, 2008

They say he’s different: Is Kid Cudi the future of hip-hop?

***A GREAT Interview with my homie, Kid Cudi, snatched from EYEWEEKLY.***

BY Denise Benson September 24, 2008 15:09

I fell for the hip-hop of Kid Cudi the second I heard “Day ’N’ Nite.” Released early this year on A-Trak’s Fool’s Gold label, the hook-laden tale of isolation was given the remix treatment by Ottawa’s Jokers of the Scene and Italy’s Crookers, becoming both a blog staple and club anthem.

The song also announced the arrival of an idiosyncratic MC who deftly mixes humour and self-reflection as he aims to communicate with people rather than rap at them. The Cleveland-born, Brooklyn-based man born Scott Mescudi is a vivid storyteller who has learned from the best.

“I’m a big fan of The Beatles, actually,” says Mescudi, speaking from the studio in Hawaii where he’s been recording with Kanye West, among others. “I got into them late — like about a year and a half ago — when I started to find my own sound and realized what I wanted to do. I’d always loved their melodies and how they created music, but I didn’t get into the lyrics, which are a big deal. Once I did, I realized, ‘Wow, there’s nothing like this in hip-hop.’

“Rappers have their way of telling stories, but they tend to be really straightforward. There’s wittiness, but our metaphors in rap aren’t the same style of writing as in rock or alternative. I want to bring subliminals to my rap and still make it so that people don’t listen and think, ‘This kid is crazy.’ It’s hard when you’re trying to create something different and you hope that people like it, but what’s life if you don’t take a couple of risks? ‘Day ’N’ Nite’ was a risk and look where it got me.”

The song netted plenty of attention, but what really generated huge hype is his 10.Deep-presented mixtape simply titled A Kid Named Cudi. Produced by Plain Pat and Emile, the mix — featuring back-to-back Kid Cudi originals — proves Mescudi is onto something special. His multi-hued songs of life, love and alienation are refreshingly honest, clever and often laugh-out-loud funny.

“As you experience more in life, you realize the power of how music can affect people,” he explains. “It’s full of potential, and a lot of people don’t take full advantage of that. As I grew and started making songs that actually meant something, I realized that I should put more of myself in my records and actually make it witty.

“I’m a fan of lyrics that are powerful and I found a way to strategically make things simple, for people to get it, but at the same time make it extremely, next-level intriguing — in the way I paint the pictures or the stories and how I lay everything down on records.”
As he offers up cinematic, unique sounding tunes like “Man on the Moon” and “Embrace the Martian” just what does Mescudi hope people “get” about his work?

“Music is meant to make you feel something,” he replies. “It should attack people’s minds and make people think on a grand scale. I’m using myself as a muse to enlighten people, to get them to look at themselves a little differently, and help them make some changes in their lives and move forward in a better light. My music is me trying to find my inner peace and realize, officially, who I am.

“I put myself out there and attack my demons in my records; I put it out there that I’m vulnerable, I’m sensitive, I’m artsy, I’m goofy and that’s all OK. I’m comfortable in my own skin and I think a lot of kids need to know that it’s OK to be different and be good with who they are.”

To that end, Mescudi is recording with a variety of producers — Kanye, 88 Keys, Dot Da Genius, Plain Pat and Emile, among others — who stray from typical beats to complement Kid Cudi’s vision. Now signed to West’s GOOD Music roster, Mescudi aims to release his debut album by next spring, with a new single due before year’s end.

“I’m gonna need everybody to open up their minds, not be judgmental and be ready for anything,” boasts Mescudi. “To me, A Kid Named Cudi was just a taste. This album is going to test a lot of things, and it’s going to be genre-bending. People can’t even fathom where I’m about to take shit.”

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Sorry about not keeping up with the blog on Saturday, we were down @ Hi-Tek's studio again...


Carter III To Be Re-Released & Weezy Expecting a Son

Credit: Nah Right

MTV had the chance to speak with Lil Wayne amongst the fuckery which is was the BET Hip-Hop Awards and he said that he will be dropping a new version of Tha Carter III with brand new songs and mentions Tha Carter IV.

Link: Lil Wayne Announces He’s Expecting A Son

VIDEO: Don Cannon Interview w/ Karmaloop

Great interview snatched from Karmaloop. Don Cannon seemes like he's moving in the right direction.

Behind the Scenes: The Office

Love this show.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Lupe Fiasco - "Accept the Troubles"

My boy Andrew over @ Fakeshore Drive, set this out from his "stash."

Shits ill...

Lupe Fiasco - "Accept the Troubles"

Coldplay x Jay-Z

Credit: Press Play > Fashion Forward >>

Coldplay recruits Jay for their remix of "Lost!", which will appear on their upcoming EP. Actually, the alternate "Lost!" version which was a bonus on Viva La Vida, was my favorite on the album.

Oh and I actually like Coldplay. I don't just like them because Hip-Hop told me it's cool to.

Coldplay feat. Jay-Z - "Lost! (Remix)"

P.S. - This isn't the radio rip.

Straight Oregon Trail Status...

A Hummer H3 on 28 inches chrome? Nah. Wagon wheels. Termite damage a potential threat? Explanation here.

CREDIT: Hip Hop Update

"Hollywood" Hits iTunes

Credit: Mo. B @ We Do Not Follow
**Much respect for Hollywood Holt just killin it right now, creating his own "lane" so to speak.**

I know a ton of ya’ll are familiar with Hollywood Holt’s first single “Hollywood”. I’m sure you saw the video and what not. Well, the joint has officially dropped on iTunes today. Don’t fight the urge…gon head and grab it now. Yeah, that’s right, open up your iTunes 8-point-whatever and buy it. Right now. And, for all you blog combers that think you can just google it, don’t do that because we don’t have the official version floating out there. Ha!! You’ll know the “official” version when you hear it. If you are unfamiliar with what I am saying then you definitely need to buy the single now. Either way, buy it cus I said so and cus Hollywood Holt is going to do something crazy if you don’t…right Hollywood?


Thursday, October 16, 2008

106 & Park x Elusion Clothing

Credit: Press Play > Fashion Forward >>

Terrence J from B.E.T. wore the "Living The Dream" tee from our friends Elusion Clothing (Cleveland) on Wednesday.

Eminem Promises Relapse Album In '09

Credit: Hip Hop DX

After a year filled with artists such as Busta Rhymes [click to read] and Obie Trice [click to read] being dropped or amicably released from their contracts, the three cornerstones of the Aftermath building are promising new material. While speaking with DJ Kay Slay and Angela Yee on his SIRIUS Satellite Radio channel, Shade 45, Eminem cleared up the rumors regarding his upcoming album.

"There's a lot of fake albums and a lot of bullshit album titles floating around out there," Eminem said. "I just want to tell everybody the real album title is Relapse."

Em then premiered a freestyle called "I'm Having A Relapse" [click to listen], and the track has already made its way around the Internet via various blogs. The choice of naming the album Relapse goes against rumors that the LP would be entitled King Mathers. Former G-Unit President Sha Money XL also incorrectly said the album would be called The Empack [click to read]. While most of the interview focused on Shady's new book, The Way I Am, a visibly upbeat 50 Cent was more than willing to speak on Aftermath's "three-headed monster" campaign.

"The three-headed monster returns," 50 said. "It's Before I Self Destruct, Relapse then Detox. [Eminem] never really loses representation because I'm still out and about. Because of the success of my joint-venture with G-Unit, people forget that I'm signed to Shady/Aftermath. The reality is that as long as you see 50 Cent active and functioning, you're really looking at a reflection of Eminem. I wouldn't exist if he didn't decide to make the deal happen."

As expected, no representatives from Interscope have tentative release dates for either Relapse or Detox. Eminem's autobiography, The Way I Am, will be in stores Oct. 21 via the Dutton publishing company. The bio features drawings, handwritten lyrics and never-before-seen photographs.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 10/12/08

Credit: Hip Hop DX

Regardless of selling over 500,000 less units than the week before, T.I. [click to read] did not budge, holding the #1 spot for the second week, after his third straight top-spot debut. Paper Trail [click to read] held Metallica off by over 100,000 units as Atlanta's top-selling rapper is on likely pace to go platinum this week amidst an album campaign that's several singles from over. Time will tell how T.I. stands when Kanye West and 50 Cent enter the charts before year's end.

As Ne-Yo climbed yet again with Year of the Gentleman [click to read], out-selling Robin Thicke [click to read] and joining Jennifer Hudson, along with T.I. as the only three urban artists in the Top Ten. The blokes from Oasis, for what it's worth, held #5 with their new collection Dig Out Your Soul. The three mainstays of Lil Wayne [click to read], Young Jeezy [click to read] and The Game [click to read] finished in that order with Tha Carter III [click to read], Recession [click to read] and LAX [click to read] respectively. While The Game fell less than 4,000 units of cracking the gold benchmark, Young Jeezy surpassed it, as all of his solo albums have now earned the Atlanta star plaques.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
Paper Trail
Year of the Gentleman
46,904 450,356
Lil Wayne
Tha Carter III
Young Jeezy
The Game

Having left Rap-A-Lot for Razor & Tie, Devin The Dude [click to view] gets a strong independent debut with his album Landing Gear [click to read]. Although released to mix reaction, the effort places the Dude considerably higher than Z-Ro, his former peer, who's sustained on the bottom of the charts for three consecutive weeks in Crack. Murs' [click to read] fell nearly 100 spots in the charts, despite a lively MTV presence. However, if Murs For President [click to read] can shop a single to radio, as witnessed a year ago with Lupe Fiasco's "Superstar," the Los Angeles independent veteran could have one of the more chart-long-lasting efforts of the quarter.

Nas and LL Cool J hold rank near the bottom of the charts. Untitled [click to read] cracks the 400,000 benchmark, and trucks towards a gold plaque by year's end. With Jay-Z, Jadakiss [click to read] and Kanye West, plus the present success of Ne-Yo and Young Jeezy at Def Jam, time will tell if the label continues to work its once flagship artist two short years ago.

Other Notables

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
Devin The Dude
Landing Gear
Murs For President
LL Cool J
Exit 13

Kanye West “Love Lockdown” LIVE @ Jimmy Kimmel

Credit: Tibs @ Go Where Hip Hop.

***UPDATE: Our buddies over @ OG Hip Hop came thru with a collection of more extensive thoughts and coverage of Kanye West’s listening party. CLICK HERE!

Above is another passionate, live performance from the superstar Kanye West! Just before the 2:30 mark and the end chorus are the two highlights of the performance… with the lowlight the constant screen time of the same teary-eyed girl.. ugh. Anyway, the performance was a sweet one which came after Kanye hosted the first listening party for 808’s & Heartbreak. The listening party featured forty nude girls, hahaha, and of course the first exposure of the entire album to a select audience. The web has started discussing it here and here and truthfully, I’m warming up to the direction of Kanye’s 808’s & Heartbreak, even though it looks like he’ll be doing more singing than rapping. Time will tell.

Kanye West “Love Lockdown [Instrumental]”


Got it from, Go Where Hip Hop.


CLICK HERE for direct download.

DJ AM x Jay-Z

**Snatched this from Mick Boogie over @ Press Play > Fashion Forward >>, who got it from TMZ, lol.**

DJ AM is officially spinning back into control -- by way of a brand new concert tour with the Jigga Man himself, Jay-Z.

TMZ has confirmed the recovering DJ -- real name Adam Goldstein -- will make his triumphant return to the stage, along with Hova Jay-Z, during the reopening of the Palladium Theater in Hollywood tomorrow night.

The show will also serve as a launching point for Jay-Z's multi-state tour -- it's unclear how many dates DJ AM is planning to join him on.

The show is AM's first gig since the devastating plane crash that claimed four lives last month.

From TMZ

Video: 88-Keys URB Cover Shoot

Ima a day late with this one, but def a nice video on 88-Keys.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Notorious" To Hit Theaters On January 16, 2009

***Took this from YO! Raps Magazine***

The movie Notorious about the life of rapper Christopher Wallace aka. The Notorious B.I.G., will be released by Fox Searchlight on January 16, 2009.

The film stars multiple award winner Angela Bassett as Christopher's mother Voletta Wallace, Derek Luke as Sean Combs, Anthony Mackie as Tupac Shakur and introducing rapper Gravy, born Jamal Woolard as The Notorious B.I.G. After the overwhelming response to a year long aggressive and active worldwide search, Jamal Woolard, a Brooklyn native, was selected to portray the infamous rapper. George Tillman Jr. is set to direct.

"We feel honored to work with such intelligent and vibrant filmmakers as they bring Christopher Wallace's story to life. George, his producers and his exemplary creative team will tell this story with style and distinction, and we are in awe of their vision and passion," says Fox Searchlight Pictures President of Production Claudia Lewis.

"I'm looking forward to working with award-winning actress Angela Bassett," said director Tillman. "I've been a huge fan of her work for such a long time. She and the entire cast bring such a wealth of talent, I am beyond thrilled."

"Finding B.I.G. was a task in itself and I'm honored that so many young men came out to audition for the role," said Voletta Wallace. "However, it was Jamal's charming personality, warm spirit, wonderful sense of humor and beautiful smile that won my heart. He is a talented and charismatic actor and I am excited that he will bring Christopher's character to the big screen."

The film also stars up and coming actors Antonique Smith, Naturi Naughton, Dennis White and Julia Pace Mitchell.

Exclusive: Naledge Talks Solo Album, Upcoming Projects

***Got this from HipHopDX... Good interview with Naledge of Kidz in tha Hall.***

Since The In Crowd came out in May, Kidz In The Hall have been grinding out shows non-stop in order to spread their name to the world. Featured on the Rock The Bells tour this summer, and now on the road with Murs, the duo has effectively blurred the lines between mainstream and underground Hip Hop, resulting in a fresh sound that anyone can vibe to.

A testament to this style has been Naledge, the emcee of the duo. HipHopDX recently got a chance to catch up with Mr. Jabari Evans after a show in Seattle, where he discussed a few upcoming projects he has in store.

Though not giving up much information on his debut solo album, Naledge flaunted a production list that many emcees can only imagine having.

"My solo album is still in the process of being put together. I’ve been busy with shows, but I have some tracks in the works," says Naledge. "I got beats from 9th Wonder, Black Milk, Double-O, Pete Rock and [two or three from] Just Blaze. Just Blaze has been my ‘yes man,’ okaying tracks for the album."

For fans that can’t wait on his solo album material, The Chicago-bred emcee has plans to release a mixtape early next year that features the Midwest’s finest.

"I have a mixtape project coming out in January of ’09 called ‘The Chicago Picasso,’" adds Naledge. "I got everybody on it. I got GLC, Rhymefest, Mickey [Factz], Kid Sister, Kid Cudi and I’m talking to Kanye about being on it."

In terms of the group’s next release, Naledge stated the third album will be out sometime next summer, after which Kidz In The Hall will once again be negotiating a new record deal with various labels, including their current home Duck Down Records.

Monday, October 13, 2008

VIDEO: CHASE Presents "The Game Aint For EVerybody"

Check this Movie Trailer from the homie Chase. The trailer looks great... Can't wait to see the whole movie.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Thursday, October 9, 2008

VIDEO: HI-TEK'S STUDIO w/ Chip Tha Ripper

VIDEO: Hi-Tek's Studio w/ Chip Tha Ripper from Kevin M on Vimeo.

Thru this video together yesturday... Still down here @ Hi-Tek's studio, listening to Chip & Tek work on this EP!!! Stay Tuned...

Click here for HI-TEK'S Myspace Page.

Slick Talk, Pain & Torture


A few hours ago, Jadakiss and the good folks from Def Jam played a bunch of cuts from his upcoming album, Kiss My Ass for a room full of DJs, a couple of bloggers and some other industry types. None of the tracks we heard were mixed or mastered, and Kiss said the material represents only about 75% of the album, so you know how that goes. I will say that he goes in on the title track, and he’s got a back-and-forth joint with Styles P that is going to melt the streets. You can bet that I’ll be harassing these guys to leak that shit for the next couple of weeks. The joint with Barrington Levy is dope, and there’s a track with the title of this post in the chorus that is sick. The slick talk is at 100 thousand trillion. The song that everybody was waiting to hear, the letter to Big, is everything you’d expect it to be. Don’t quote me, but I think Kiss is finally going to put out the album everybody always knew he had in him.

Kiss My Ass is dropping on December 9, which also happens to be the day Curtis is flopping dropping, and my birthday.

Bonus: Jadakiss Calls Jenny Boom Boom (BoBO)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

RH TV: Chip Tha Ripper Freestyle in the Park

** Thanks to ALEX @ RUBY HORNET for the feature! **

Yesterday we took a First Look at Cleveland's Chip Tha Ripper. You know we couldn't let him leave the Chi without giving us a Freestyle In The Park...Here Chip spits something smooth for us outside Harper Court in HPK. Check out the video below.

Imeem (Hi Res)

YouTube (Low Res)

VIDEO: Kayne West - "Love Lockdown"

Pulled this from Amajanese.

VIDEO: Common "Universal Mind Control"

Had to post this video... Me, Duke, and Chip was sitting around and this came on as the "Jam of the Week." Def feelin' the song, and Pharrell killed the hook.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

RH TV: Live From The Hollywood Moon Tour



Hollywood Holt and Kid Cudi's Hollywood Moon Tour touched down in the Windy City last week. RH TV was on hand and is here to present some live footage including Kid Cudi doing his joint "Day N Nite", as well as his collabo with Chip Tha Riippperrr..." Check it all out below. It would have been done sooner but we were busy last week doing this.

"Down & Out"

"Day N Nite"

"Ask About Me"

VH1 Hip Hop Honors Mixtape. The Honor Roll

Chip featured on a Tribute to Slick Rick... CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE SONG!!!


**Special Thanks to Mick Boogie for throwing Chip on the mixtape!!!**

Chip Tha Ripper x Kid Cudi Live @ The Evil Olive - Chicago

VIDEO: Kid Cudi & Chip Tha Ripper LIVE @ Hollywood Moon Tour - Chicago from Kevin M on Vimeo.

**Shout out to my homies Naledge (1/2 of Kidz in the Hall) & Alex @ Ruby Hornet for everything while we were in the Chi.**

As some of you may know... Chip, Duke, our homie Truth, and myself, took our travels to Chicago this past week. We had a very busy schedule while in the Chi.
We got in Sunday around 11pm, and decided to take it easy b4 Monday, day of the show. Chilled @ one of my dudes spots in Wrigleyville and blazed our selves to sleep. LoL...

The next morning we were up and shooting video footage around the city with one of Chicago's BIGGEST Hip-Hop websites, Ruby Hornet.
Escorting us around the city and giving us an OFFICIAL tour of Chicago was none other than, Naledge, one half of the super group Kidz in the Hall. The tour included stops at Sound Scape Studio's, which is a beautiful studio that Naledge records at, a lot of Kayne's new shit is being mixed and mastered there. Then, we traveled to Leaders 1354, if your not familiar with Leaders yet, they are THEE best clothing store/boutique in the Chi. Make sure to go get FRESH the next time your in the Chi @ Leader 1354. After that, we departed to Harold's Chicken, which was some good chicken... BUT, I'm not gonna lie, as much as everyone in Chicago talks about it, IT AINT GOT SHIT ON OPEN PIT in CLEVELAND!!! Shout out to Open Pit on St. Clair... Best BBQ in the world! LoL... Lastly, we ended our travel's @ some park for a "Freestyle in the Park" segment, where Chip gave Ruby Hornet some FIRRRRRE! Make sure to check Ruby Hornet RIGHT NOW for they're feature on Chip!

After a nice day with Ruby Hornet and Naledge, we picked up some more "TREE" and met Kid Cudi @ sound check for the show that evening. We showed up @ the Evil Olive, and Hollywood Holt was doing his soundcheck. Holt and Chip formally met for the 1st time. **Stay Tuned for Some Music Featuring Those Two** After Holt and Mano were done with they're sound check, Cudi was up next. Usually, Cudi has Plain Pat to DJ for him, but during the Hollywood Moon Tour he had Dot Da Genius, producer of Day N' Nite, Cudi's SMASH single! This is the 1st time Chip & Cudi have performed anything together... Needless to say, everyone at sound check was going OFF when they heard "Ask About Me." Everyone from Mano to Holt to the photographers taking pictures were loving the song! Kid Cudi was fealing a little under the weather w/ a sore throat that day and even into the show... But like all great artists, he fought thru it.

After sound check, we went back to the hotel with Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius, where we smoked some "TREE" and caught up with Kid Cudi and Dot. Cudi was feeling a little under the weather like I was telling you, so he was drinking warm tea to get his voice right. Then, Cudi played some of his album for us, which is slated to be released in SPRING of 2009. He also played some of Kayne's album for us, which he is currently writing hooks for and should be featured on at least 2 songs on "808s & Heartbreaks." ALSOOOOO... he was telling us he should be featured on Jay-Z's new album. So Cudi on his GRIND something SERIOUS right now! Shout out to Dot Da Genius too, should be some Dot and Chip songs coming to a LIFE near you soon!

Arriving at the Evil Olive, with a nice crowd of people outside. Walking inside to a crrrrazzzzy crowd of people!! We posted up in the VIP for a little bit then moved to the upstairs part of the club where we posted during Cudi and Holt's performance.



Naledge, Kid Cudi, Hollywood Holt, Million Dolla Mano, Mic Terror, Dot Da Genius, Willy Joy, Alex @ Ruby Hornet, Andrew @ Fake Shore Drive, Leaders 1354, PHLIE, Harold's Chicken, & ALL OF CHI TOWN!