Tuesday, December 30, 2008

VIDEO: ZUNE: On Tour w/ Double-0

On Tour w/ Double-O from ian macpherson on Vimeo.

via. 2dopeboyz.

HAHAHAHAHA... This dude Double-O is a fool man!
Its a real treat to know somebody like Double-O, especially in this music shit!

Dude is so down to earth yo... Thats an attribute that is hard to find today.
Fucking hilarious too!

Did I mention he is ONE DOPE ASS PRODUCER!!!

SLABUP.com DL: Mikkey Halsted feat. Kaye Fox - "Karma" (Prod. by No ID)

Here goes Andrew over @ Fake Shore Drive trying to show off again. LoL... I kid, I kid.
Andrew just keeps hitting us with more upper cuts!!! Another DOPE TRACK by Mikkey Halsted.


"It's probably Karma, the drama, the two headed monster, some hide in a Bush, some ridin with Osama"

Karma is the second official leak from Mikkey's upcoming debut, Chicago: The Photo Album. Mikk recently shot the video for "Karma" with the very talented Noah Banks, and it should be dropping everywhere sometime this week. I have included a screen cap from said video above as an added bonus.

Also, this is the full, official, no DJ, extended version of Karma that has not leaked anywhere. Enjoy.

Mikkey Halsted feat. Kaye Fox - "Karma" (Prod. by No ID)

Apple Electroluminescent T-Shirt

via. Gizmo Ave.

Apple logo cavorts to music on a T-Shirt in electroluminescent glory.

How much of an Apple fanboy are you? Now you can advertise for the Cupertino Fruit Company in glowing electroluminescent folderol, its built-in spectrum analyzer animating those lights like a colorful fountain in response to music or ambient sounds.

We’re sure Apple didn’t authorize this, as evidenced by the apple leaf facing the wrong way and the logo’s decade-old rainbow motif, so you might want to snap up one of these $45 shirts quick, before they vanish in a sea of litigation.

Take a look at the display reacting to some appropriate disco racket:



Join the 24 year old club my friend! LoL...

Can't say anything that hasn't already been said... HOLD ON, did I say that right? LoL...
Brony is Brony... THE KING!!!

Cavs Game Tonight People. 7:30 vs. the Miami Heat.

Cavs sit at 26-4, while the Heat are at 16-13.


Yoooooo! Shout out to Lance Drake who directed this video...


Not sure about the song... dudes name is CURT@!N$ and the name of the song is Night of the Living Dope.

Monday, December 29, 2008

EVERY SNEAKER HEADS DREAM: Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Retro - 2009 Release

via. Kicks on Fire.

Whelp... This is def one of the greatest things I have ran across in a LONG TIME!!
I'm sure anyone who enjoys shoes, is as excited if not more excited than I am for this!!

They originally hit the scene back in 1995, and will appear once again in 2009 in three different colorways, including the OG colorway shown here. This OG colorway wit hit Nike accounts in April and retail for $140.

VIDEO: Mikkey Halsted In The Studio With NO I.D.

Mikkey Halsted In The Studio With NO I.D. from SeƱor Kaos on Vimeo.

Not sure who to give credit for this video???

However, for those whom are hip hop fans and music fans in general, PLEASE get familiar with Mikkey Halsted. This video is a nice START.

Mikkey has been doin his thing! I was put on to homeboy about a year ago by my dude Kunal... Chip had a chance to meet Mikkey at the GLC Listening Party a few months ago.


Check his video out below, that has been EVERYWHERE since its release. His MYSPACE PAGE has a great diveristy of songs!!! CHECK IT OUT!!!

SLABUP.com DL: Jadakiss - Letter To B.I.G. (Feat. Faith Evans) [CDQ]

Snatched this from my homies over at OnSmash.

The radio rip has been floating around for a while. This is the CDQ version...

ENJOY! Jada goes in!

DOWNLOAD: Jadakiss - Letter To B.I.G. (Feat. Faith Evans)

Great Time @ The Movies!

via. Hip Hop Update.

I mean, I really want to see "The Curious Life of Benjamin Button" starring Brad Pitt.

But this guy took it too far!

SLABUP.com DL: Kanye West feat. Sly Polaroid & Timmy G - "Payback" (Unreleased)

via. Fake Shore Drive.

Got this from my homeboy Andrew... His vault game is SERIOUS!!!

My vault game is so serious. Here's an unreleased GEM from Kanye West, a while before the deal. This one features one of the Chi's rising stars Sly Polaroid and former Go-Getter, Timmy G. Sly rips the track for about two minutes straight...how many of you even knew this track was in existence?

Where is Timmy G these days, anyhoo?

The track was produced by Brian "All Day" Miller and I'm told it was recorded at Boogz' crib. Boogz can you confirm this?

Kanye West feat. Sly Polaroid & Timmy G - "Payback" (Prod. by Brian "All Day" Miller)


via. Email Scott.

The 2009 draft order is becoming more clear. Though the full list won’t be finalized until after the playoffs, several positions are already set.

Per Adam Schefter of NFL Network, the top nine picks are as follows:

1. Lions (0-16);

2. Rams (2-14);

3. Chiefs (2-14);

4. Seahawks (4-12);

5. Browns (4-12);

6. Bengals (4-11-1);

7. Raiders (5-11);

8. Jaguars (5-11);

9. Packers (6-10).

Sunday, December 28, 2008

VIDEO: Travis McCoy Signs to Nappy Boy

via. 2dopeboyz.

This is an unexpected move! But none the less, better for MUSIC sake!!

If your not up on music, Travis is the lead singer of the band Gym Class Heros.

HIGH TIMES Top 10 Strains of 2008

By Danny Danko

Each year, we at HIGH TIMES painstakingly scour the entire planet in search of the tastiest and most potent pot to feature in our esteemed rundown of the world’s finest cannabis varieties. It’s a tough decision, yet certain strains always seem to shine through—making themselves known as something special for growers, pot aficionados and cannabis connoisseurs across the universe. Grow some out today!

Delta 9 Labs
Smokers interested in heady, inspirational marijuana always seek out the longer-flowering, Hazy sativas, sometimes referred to colloquially as “ampheta-weed” for their uplifting qualities. Harry and Ed from Delta 9 Labs have engineered an incredible new variety called Brainstorm Haze that will make your visions clearer and let your ideas fly. A pure Thai Haze mother fertilized by their Stargazer (Sensi Star x Warlock x AK-47) produces pot that feels almost electric, with a distinct Hazy flavor and heart-racing power that makes you want to get outside and complete some tasks—a wonderful daytime weed.
Flowering time: 10 to 12 weeks

Contact: Delta 9 Labs, Delta9labs.com


DNA Genetics
Having placed or won in every cannabis contest they’ve ever entered, Don and Aaron of DNA Genetics (get it? D ’n’ A Genetics) continue riding high. These Southern Cali transplants to Holland utilized a California Hash Plant female fertilized by a Cannalope Haze male to make the Anunnaki. Tall and lanky, she won’t be a tremendous yielder, but her subtle tastes and racy “up” high are well worth the wait. Indoors, do some severe pruning early on to avoid growing too much lumber (i.e., foot-long distances between the nodes). Let Anunnaki go the full distance and the rewards will make it self-evident that not all sativa
-dominant strains are created equal.
Flowering time: nine to 10 weeks

Contact: DNA Genetics, dnagenetics.com

Paradise Seeds
Luc and the Paradise Seeds cannabis crew score pot points time and time again with impeccable and time-tested breeding techniques, resulting in strong crosses that always grow big, chunky buds. Their indica
-heavy White Berry is no exception, growing into huge, frosty nuggets covered in trichomes and bursting with flavors. The high calyx-to-leaf ratio makes White Berry easy to trim and absolutely wonderful for hash-making. It’s also a great nighttime smoke, with soothing qualities that can induce a peaceful, easy feeling perfect for sitting on the couch with a bong and some video games. Medicinal patients also highly recommend White Berry for muscle spasms and restless-leg syndrome.
Flowering time: seven weeks

Contact: Paradise Seeds, paradise-seeds.com


Spain continues to make its global ganja presence known with incredible genetics geared for growers interested in high yields of the stickiest ganja. On a recent visit to Barcelona for the Spannabis Fair, we were lucky enough to try Destroyer, a powerful strain from Cannabiogen, a company long at the forefront of Spain’s sensi surge. Destroyer is an almost-pure sativa
sporting a combined Thai, Mexican and Colombian heritage, but with all of the exotic flavors and racy highs that are typical of Thai. The longer you let this plant flower, the more psychedelic the experience of smoking her becomes—so be patient. The results are guaranteed to destroy you (in a good way).
Flowering time: eight to 12 weeks

Contact: Cannabiogen Seeds, cannabiogen.com


Dutch Passion
In an exciting tribute to HIGH TIMES’s own longtime cultivation expert, Jorge Cervantes, the breeding experts at the Dutch Passion Seed Company have created Jorge’s Diamonds #1. Resinous and thought-provoking (much like the man it’s named for), Jorge’s Diamonds #1 will entice you with an incredible taste and aroma. This indica
-dominant strain was selected from the 25-year-old Dutch Passion “Research Gene Pool,” and its sweet, fruity smell and taste come from just the right amount of sativa genetics mixed in. Two legends unite to bring the world an incredible new cannabis variety whose potency is rivaled only by its amazing flavors and complex notes.
Flowering time: eight to nine weeks

Contact: Dutch Passion, dutch-passion.nl

Subcool Seeds (TGA)
The Green Avengers, led by the cannabis couple Subcool and MzJill, are dedicated to their quest to provide medicinal-cannabis hybrids for patients in need. Their newest release, The Flav, combines Canada’s legendary Romulan with the original Space Queen (Romulan x Cinderella 99) for a taste sensation that’s hard to beat.

Anyone who’s grown or smoked the Romulan knows its intense flavor and yields, and the Flav brings out the best of both. The phenotypes expressed by these seeds all show significant trichome production, resulting in sticky nuggets with that characteristic “ripe-to-rotting” fruit odor of the real Rom. Haven’t we all been on the lookout for an exceptional indica with superior flavor to boot? Believe the hype.
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
Contact: Subcool and TGA Seeds, breedbay.co.uk or cannaseur.com

Flying Dutchmen
Having always loved the incredible and unique Hawaiian cannabis varieties, and having really appreciated Flying Dutchmen’s Real McCoy at Coffeeshop Media in Amsterdam, we were very excited to learn of the Pineapple Punch, a cross of a meticulously selected Real McCoy female with a sturdy Skunk #1 male. The result is a sublime and extremely cerebral taste of the tropics, complete with the unique flavors for which the best sativa
-dominant hybrids are known. Fruity pineapple tastes and scents abound in this flavorful and potent strain, making her a pleasure to grow as well as to smoke. Careful, though—the intense sativa elements of Pineapple Punch can cause heart racing and even paranoia among inexperienced puffers.
Flowering time: nine to 10 weeks
Contact: Flying Dutchmen, flyingdutchmen.com

BC Bud Depot
Following up their award-winning strain the Purps, the BC Bud Depot crew releases The Black—a potent and tasty indica
variety known for her frosty, tight, dark-colored nuggets. She’s a heavy feeder, with fan leaves that turn dark purple to almost black as harvest time approaches. Ninety percent indica, the Black is definitely a nighttime smoke—truly narcotic, with a stone that hits hard and is especially appreciated by medicinal users. Fast-flowering, and with a great yield of buds heavy on pure bag appeal, it appears that Black is the new Purple for pot connoisseurs.
Flowering time: seven to eight weeks
Contact: BC Bud Depot, bcbudonline.com


Reserva Privada
Aaron and Don from DNA Genetics have decided to provide a showcase for some of their favorite medicinal strains from their California home. The idea was to take some of the West Coast’s finest private vintage strains, such as this year’s winner, Cole Train, and release them to the public through a collective they call Reserva Privada. Cole Train originates from the Humboldt County area and is the result of pollinating the female Jasmine (a mid-’90s Silver Haze hybrid) with the Trainwreck (T4) male. This one tastes like the old-school Colombian genetics prized and treasured by seasoned smokers from the days of yore. This mostly indica
variety also resists pests and molds, making Cole Train perfect to grow in harsher climates.
Flowering time: seven to nine weeks

Contact: Reserva Privada, dnagenetics.com


Vancouver Island Seed Company

G and Kat have been growing and breeding cannabis for decades. Their years of experience creating strains for the harsh environment of Vancouver Island has resulted in plants that withstand the most challenging elements, resist molds and diseases, and produce huge colas that dry into the stickiest and stinkiest of buds, The wonderfully (and aptly) named Fucking Incredible – a.k.a. the FI for short – is a tasty, indica-heavy hybrid with lots of vigor that’s easy to grow and fucking incredible to smoke.

Flowering time: six to eight weeks

Contact: Green Life Seeds, vancouverseed.com

Check out the HIGH TIMES Top 10 Strains of 2008 "Potcast"!




SLABUP.com DL: DJ Khaled - Go Hard [Remix] (Ft. Jay-Z)

Fuckin with this right here. Hov goes in.

Download/Stream Here.

Top Ten Green Architecture of 2008

Top Ten Green Architecture of 2008, Green Building, Green Architecture, Green Design, Eco Architecture

via. Gizmo Ave.

As the holiday season winds to close we’re counting down the days to the new year with a look at some of Inhabitat’s most exciting stories of 2008! It’s been an outstanding year in green building and today we’re looking back at ten of the most impressive green architecture projects of 2008. From LEED platinum superstructures to innovative recycled and reclaimed buildings to ground-breaking monuments that integrate incredible new technologies, read on the year’s best and brightest developments!

10. GREENPIX Zero Energy Media Wall Lights up Beijing

green building, sustainable architecture, top ten green architecture projects, 2008 green building projects, top 10 sustainable design stories, inhabitat top 10 architecture projects

9. SOM’s Stunning Cathedral of Christ the Light

green building, sustainable architecture, top ten green architecture projects, 2008 green building projects, top 10 sustainable design stories, inhabitat top 10 architecture projects

8. The New Green California Academy of Sciences Unveiled!

green building, sustainable architecture, top ten green architecture projects, 2008 green building projects, top 10 sustainable design stories, inhabitat top 10 architecture projects

7. The World’s First Energy-Generating Revolving Door

green building, sustainable architecture, top ten green architecture projects, 2008 green building projects, top 10 sustainable design stories, inhabitat top 10 architecture projects

6. Thai Temple Built From One Million Recycled Bottles

green building, sustainable architecture, top ten green architecture projects, 2008 green building projects, top 10 sustainable design stories, inhabitat top 10 architecture projects

5. China’s Spiraling Shanghai Tower Breaks Ground

green building, sustainable architecture, top ten green architecture projects, 2008 green building projects, top 10 sustainable design stories, inhabitat top 10 architecture projects

4. Recycled Subway Cars Turned into Studios in London

green building, sustainable architecture, top ten green architecture projects, 2008 green building projects, top 10 sustainable design stories, inhabitat top 10 architecture projects

3. ZIGGURAT: Dubai Carbon Neutral Pyramid will House 1 Million

green building, sustainable architecture, top ten green architecture projects, 2008 green building projects, top 10 sustainable design stories, inhabitat top 10 architecture projects

2. Retreat to an Ewok Eco Sphere in the Trees

green building, sustainable architecture, top ten green architecture projects, 2008 green building projects, top 10 sustainable design stories, inhabitat top 10 architecture projects

1. Amazing Green Roof Art School in Singapore

green building, sustainable architecture, top ten green architecture projects, 2008 green building projects, top 10 sustainable design stories, inhabitat top 10 architecture projects

Nike Blazer High x Nike Dunk High - Black

via. Sneaker Files.

Both are a MUST!!!
WOW. I mean... WOW.


Kid Cudi's "Day N Nite" had been down the the M.I.A. "Paper Planes" ROAD so to speak.
Last time I had spoke to Cudder he had mentioned he was shooting this video.
Cudi says...


(Cudi on set.)
(On set.)(Director So Me. **Do your homework**)
(Very Niiiice.)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

CAVS 99, ROCKETS 90 x Lebron Commercial x Shoe Debate

Shout out to the Cavs... Who are now 14-0 at home, and have a total record 24-4.
5 players in double figures last night, including Lebron who had 27 pts.

Below is this new commercial featured on NBA TV... HILARIOUS!!!

AND... I have a question for you ALL.

Who has the better shoe coming out on Christmas Day... Lebron or Kobe???

Im going with Lebron, and Im not playing favorites here...
I really like Bron's shoes this year!!!

The ALL BLACKS are my favorites tho!!!


via. WeDoNotFollow.

Saw this picture a while ago...

If you not familiar with Mano... GET FAMILIAR!
One of THEE DOPEST DJs out the CHI right now!

Side Note: Last time we were in Chicago, I saw Mano in those New Balances!!!
I don't even like New Balances nemore, BUT those joints were to hard!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008



But we woke up this morning and our internet and cable didn't work??
Most normal people would freak out, but not if your use to Time Warner Cable in Cleveland!!!

Everywhere else on this EARTH that Time Warner Cable exist's it work just FINE!!!

Sooo... With that said, FUCK YOU TIME WARNER CABLE!

AT&T HERE WE COME!!! No Joke Yo!!! AT&T TV is sick!!

VIDEO: Referee Tackles NFL Football Player Kenneth Darby


He got ROCKED!

SLABUP.com DL: Bangladesh - Adidas

via. OnSmash.

Something new from super producer Bangledash “Adidas” which is a flip to the Beyonce remix he produced. This is off the upcoming Bangledash mixtape, Passport Music, where he is rapping over his beats and its hosted by Don Cannon. Shout out to Coach K!

DOWNLOAD: Bangladesh - Adidas

VIDEO: Southern Miss. Receiver "DeAndre Brown" Breaks His Leg At New Orleans Bowl

Ummmmm... OUCH!

Not for the weak hearted.

SLABUP.com DL: DJ Osk - Delox


Thought this was a creative idea.

Listening to it right now...

1. intro
2. the lox/biggie/nate dogg - dirty ryders (djosk mix)
3. styles p/mc ren/pitch black - nice (djosk mix)
4. sheek louch - turn it up (djosk blend)
5. styles p/pharaohe monch - my life (djosk blend)
6. jadakiss/anthony hamilton - why (djosk blend)
7. the lox/nas/smooth da hustler - scenario 2008 (djosk mix)
8. the lox/nwa - who want a problem (djosk mix)
9. styles p/jadakiss/nate dogg/kurupt/redman - favorite housewife (djosk mix)
10.the lox - ride or die (djosk blend)
11.sheek louch/jadakiss - pain (djosk blend)
12.jadakiss/seth marcel - hardcore (djosk blend)
13.jadakiss/styles p/big pun - kiss of death (djosk mix)
14.styles p/redman/method man - i get high (djosk mix)
15.sheek louch/jadakiss/daz dillinger/fabolous - kiss your ass goodbye (djosk mix)
16.styles p/alkaholiks - blow your mind (djosk mix)
17.styles p/jadakiss/dr.dre/bilal - locked up in the fast lane (djosk mix)
18.the lox/biggie/papoose/lil kim - all about the benjamins (djosk mix)
19.jadakiss/nate dogg - time’s up (djosk blend)
20.styles p/jadakiss/2pac/b-legit - block 4 life (djosk mix)
21.jadakiss - checkmate (straight outta d-block) (djosk mix)
22.styles p/jadakiss/dr.dre/bilal - locked up in the fast lane (bonus video blend)(ipod ready)


VIDEO: “Nobody Is Invincible” From Notorious

Notorious B.I.G. - Nobody Is Invincible
Music Videos at Blastro


I had to snag this one... Can't wait for this movie! Especially since everyone who has seen it says its AMAZING!

Biggie and his mom talk about Tupac’s death. You can also check out 4 behind the scenes clips over here.

Previously: GIANT Mag @ Notorious Cast Photo Shoot (Video) | Notorious Video Diaries # 10 & 11 (Video)

SLABUP.com DL: Vic $pencer - "The Invocation"

via. Fake Shore Drive.

YOOOOOOO! This is my homie, Vic $pencer, straight out the Chi!
GET FAMILIAR! This FAMILY... Brainiac Society!

Vic $pencer - "The Invocation"