Monday, December 29, 2008

VIDEO: Mikkey Halsted In The Studio With NO I.D.

Mikkey Halsted In The Studio With NO I.D. from Señor Kaos on Vimeo.

Not sure who to give credit for this video???

However, for those whom are hip hop fans and music fans in general, PLEASE get familiar with Mikkey Halsted. This video is a nice START.

Mikkey has been doin his thing! I was put on to homeboy about a year ago by my dude Kunal... Chip had a chance to meet Mikkey at the GLC Listening Party a few months ago.


Check his video out below, that has been EVERYWHERE since its release. His MYSPACE PAGE has a great diveristy of songs!!! CHECK IT OUT!!!

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melisha nunkoo said...

hey kev, this comment has nothing to do with this video (i apologise) but im trying to get in contact with 'ur dude' Kunal and this is the only way that i can. if possible could i Please get his contact details? would really be appreciated, thanks.
+2776 084 9619