Tuesday, August 26, 2008

WANT THE CD??? Release Party 8.28.08 : Grog Shop on Coventry, Cleveland Heights



**AT THE DOOR. ONLY $10 **

The 1st and ONLY place to get your copy of the Chip Tha Ripper "Can't Stop Me" Mixtape, is at the Release Party THIS THURSDAY, 8.28.08 @ THE GROG SHOP on COVENTRY... in Cleveland Heights! Mixtapes will be available ALLLLL night... Of course, the mixtape is also available for FREE 4 DOWNLOAD later tonight, BUT have you seen the COVER ART! If you have, your like me and can't wait to get the REAL CD!

See you @ the Grog Shop!! *Remember its only $10!!*


Just woke up from a nice mid-morning nap... LoL... And got this dope email from HeadBanga Muzik Group!! Much love to Cudi and everything he is doin right now!! And if you don't know who he is yet... Trust me you will. Can anyone say GRAMMY NOMINATION?? Im callin it now, actually I called it MONTHS ago. Anyway enough of me writing... ENJOY THIS VIDEO!!

**Photo credit to Camera Chameleon** A lot of people aint seen that flick b4 but I know the TRUE Cudi fans will love it!

Sorry About The Delay... NEW LEAK FROM "Can't Stop Me."

Sorry about the delay on the mixtape... Had some last minute features and drops come in for the mixtape, and we had to get them on there! The mixtape WILL be free 4 download TONIGHT!!! ANNNND This the cover people!! What you think about it?

In the mean time check, Fake Shore Drive, for the EXCLUSIVE on the CRRRRRAZY NEW TRACK featuring Naledge, Mic Terror, & Mickey Factz.

or DOWNLOAD HERE : "Next Up" feat. Naledge, Mic Terror, and Mickey Factz.

If you don't know anything about these three features here is a little run down...

1. Naledge - One half of the dynamic duo, Kidz in the Hall... an amazing lyricist, and has a canning ability to destroy any beat. Chicago STAND UP!!! (Chip was also featured on Kidz in the Hall new album entitled, "The In Crowd" AVAILABLE ON ITUNES!

2. Mic Terror - A Chicago emcee, fairly new to the game, but PUTTIN' IN WORK on the Chicago Hip Hop Scene. Considered a part of "The Movement", a talented pool of artists out of Chicago, sometimes labeled as a "Hipster"... which I hate the fact that we must put a label on EVERYTHING, and has a unique and personal style that he can truly call his own. Heard him destroy tracks on some REAL HIP HOP SHIT TOO! Don't Sleep... Another STRONG Chicago emcee on his way to the TOP!

3. Mickey Factz - A Bronx, NY native, also fairly new to the game, but really making a name for himself with publications from XXL, Giant Magazine, SPIN Magazine, Vibe, URB, ect. JUST in 2008. He also has a hit song that made its way on TV for a short time featuring another great talent from Chicago, The Cool Kids. VIDEO: "Rockin N Rollin Remix" - feat. The Cool Kids
Not enough can be said about the talent and future that Mickey has in front of him, I truly believe that he could be one of the NEW ARTISTS that brings NYC out of this terrible slump they have been in!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chip Tha Ripper New Mix Cd "cant stop me"

If you want Chip's New Mix Tape Free Please go to www.djev.com and add your email to the list.

We will email the cd when it is ready.

For more info & updates check out www.SlabUp.com

Thank You.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ed Hardy is the New Fubu!

After reading that great article on Million Dolla Mano... I was browsing around Vapors, and fell upon this FUNNY ASS picture. And read the title to the post... I WAS ROLLLLLLIN! This could be the truest statement in FASHION today. "When did Ed Hardy get a ghetto pass? Did I miss the chance to veto that bill? For fuck sake, brothers and sisters I beg you, STOP WEARING THAT SHIT!" Hahahaha...

PLLLLEASE STOP WEARING ED HARDY... Are you kidding me? Look at this dude... its almost 100% positive that 90% of the Ed Hardy gear you see is fake! Sooo please, do us all a favor and just STOP!

Million Dolla Mano : Vapor Magazine Article

Shout out to my boy Andrew Barber over at Fake Shore Drive, THEE #1 hip-hop blog in the Chi, for this GREAT write up on our boy outta Chicago, Million Dolla Mano. I saw the picture on Mano's Myspace Page about a month ago... And thought it was a super dope picture, Now I know what it was being used for... Check out Vapors, to read the whole article... Apparently, that picture was taken at Mano's crib, and YES thats some of his shoe collection!

That's the one thing about Chicago... Can't nobody fucks wit they're shoe game... Not even NYC, but thats just a personal opinion.


Got this from KarmaLoop TV, an interview with the Co-Founder of LRG, Jonas Bevacqua. I really respect LRG as a brand... They have been around for some years now and have found a way to stay in touch with what people want. And that seems to be the hardest thing to do now-a-days!

This is a great interview for anyone who is on the GRIND tryn to make it... You can really see the passion for his Label, "I was making $23,000 a year and would race to work with a smile on my face... and I used to go home with a smile on my face... AND I STILL HAVE THAT!! Im still happy and as long as I have that I WONT STOP..."

He ends the interview talking about "selling out" and how the media and people have BLOWN that word out of proportion... "I think selling out is changing your identity to be apart of a market to make money at, that you have nothing to do with... If you were to be like Jonas, Jet Ski's are the big thing man, you really need to get into Jet Ski's, you need to take a big piece of that pie... I'd be like GO FUCK YOURSELF!" hahaha... You can really tell the genuine nature of this guy! CHECK ITTTTT OUTTTTTT!

Friday, August 22, 2008


This a new song by my homie H-Flo and he just so happened to want Chip for the feature. If your not hip to H-Flo, its bout damn time you get FAMILIAR! Flo been in Atlanta doin his thing... and is back in CLE doin damage! And apparently HE CANT LOSE and neither can Chip with this new BANGER! Nice Jeezy sample and the beat caters well to both artists style.

CHECK IT OUT : H-Flo feat. Chip Tha Ripper - "I Can't Lose"

Chip Tha Ripper : MONEY MIXTAPE

YESSSSSSSSSS... I know that this mixtape is old, but because of the HIGH ANTICIPATED release of Chip Tha Ripper's 2nd mixtape, "Can't Stop Me" ** FREE 4 DOWNLOAD HERE at SLABUP.com this Sunday August, 24th ** I figured it would only be right for those of YOU who have not heard Chip's CLASSIC 1st mixtape "Money" TO DOWNLOAD THAT B*TCH RIGHT NOW!! LoL...

No but for real, check it out RIGHT NOW.

DOWNLOAD HERE : DJ EV Presents Chip Tha Ripper's "Money"


Looks like the new XXL will be featuring, everybody's favorite, Lil' Wayne. Ima def have to say that I'm liking the creativity behind the cover. Not the typical fit you would see Lil' Wayne in everyday.

Make sure to check out XXL online.

That is all!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


As of about a month ago, Gold Coin Clothing Company out of San Francisco, USA, decided to put they're stamp of approval on Chip Tha Ripper. Much respect to my boy and the man behind the whole operation, Ray "three" Robinson, the BRAND DIRECTOR/DESIGNER.

Fitting him in the some of the Freshest, EXCLUSIVE (when I say EXCLUSIVE I mean, proper stitching and tagging, manufactured in limited number... the most I've ever seen is 500 of one shirt ever made. **Check out Gold Coin's OFFICIAL DEALERS LIST on they're Myspace Page, they have they're SHIT in stores world wide!), and Dopest Clothing Company's in the game.

A clothing company that fits such artists as the dynamic duo Kidz in the Hall, Collie Buddz, and young upandcomer Tim William.

When you get some time check it out on Karma Loop, and if you got the dough cheese cop a fucking T-Shirt online! Stop wearing what every other dude got on! Its 2008 people... But you know, I just let Chip tell you with the music!


I know I'm late with this one. Shout out to my boy Andrew Barber over at Fake Shore Drive for this entry. I'm really feelin' this one, even though a lot of The Cool Kids songs are starting to sound the same. Chuck Inglish comes thru with another BANGER of a beat tho.

From Mountain Dew's Green Label Sound. Read about it here.

The Cool Kids - "Delivery Man."

New Chip Video/PSA

Saturday, August 16, 2008

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