Saturday, November 29, 2008







Great game last night. 5 guys in double figures, Lebron leading the way with 23 pts.


Friday, November 28, 2008 DL: Common feat. Cee-Lo - "Make My Day"

Saw this everywhere, but saw it first @ Fake Shore Drive.

This is the only post of the DAY. Got a busy day, Kid Cudi's in town.

Stay Tuned for updates thru the weekend and a bunch of DOPE shit next week!

OH YEAH... Go Cavs!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Big Z lead the way with 17 pts. Lebron had 14 pts in 17 min. of play.

Six Cavaliers in double digits. TEAMWORK!

Our starters didn't need to play much... Shout out to J.J. Hickson too, Great Game.

Check out this interview with Lebron and Stephen A. Smith BELOW

VIDEO: Katt Williams On Drugs In America [Comedy Clip From PimpIn' Pimpin DVD]

HAHAHA... This shit is true.

VIDEO: Cop One-Hand Body Slams Some UFC Fan



via. Kayne Blog.

The Geneva Sound Home theater Fetures 2.1 surround with its patented EmbracingSound DSP. There’s a powerful, all-digital 700-Watt amplifier and seven speakers, with a 12-inch subwoofer, for startling film sound effects.

Each speaker is individually powered and sealed for accurate, balanced acoustics. There’s also a CD player and a radio receiver, and iPod/iPhone dock. As well, there’s ample space for components like a cable box, game console, or DVD player. A TV can be placed on the cabinet or wall-mounted.

VIDEO: Kanye West on Conan O'Brien x HOT 97

Thought this was funny.

Angie Martinez Interview below... Good Interview.

Vote 4 E-V!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

CAVS 119, KNICKS 101

Lebron James lead the way with 26pts last night, in only 30 min of play!

Lebron was one of 7 Cavaliers in double digits.

I know New York blows, but we looks really good!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

VIDEO: Marijuana Nation [National Geographic TV Trailer Airing Dec 2]

Sticking to the theme of "Tree", this documentary looks like it will be a good one.

December 2nd 10PM/ET on National Geographic 

Video: High Times - Stoner of the Year - James Franco

I saw this issue over my buddies house the other day. James Franco, same dude who played Spidermans best friend and co-starred in the smokers movie of 2008, Pineapple Express.

Not only does the cover just crack me up, because of how blitzed dude is, but I found James Franco's acceptance speech! LoL...

The dude from Office Space, Gary Cole presents the award, apparently he was last years recipient. Funny Guy.


VIDEO: Do You Remember DuckTales?

Who didn't love this show???
The theme song was the coldest!


SUPERLAWYER: Fred Nance could be new director of the NFLPA

The Mayor sent this to me yesturday.

For those of you, especially if your from Cleveland, who don't know who Fred Nance is...


Anyone who has half a brain and pays attention to life outside of they're house, should know who Mr. Nance...

Reports from Cleveland's Crain's Magazine release...

Cleveland superlawyer Fred Nance is one of 14 candidates to replace the late Gene Upshaw as executive director of the NFL Players Association, the Associated Press reports.

The AP, citing “a person with knowledge of the search process,” says four contenders are former NFL players and union presidents: Trace Armstrong, Mike Kenn, George Martin and Troy Vincent. Also making the cut is sports attorney David Cornwell. The union last week narrowed the list of candidates to “about 14” from 25, the AP says.

“The remaining candidates are scheduled to meet individually with the Chicago-based search firm, Reilly Partners, through the end of the year before a list of finalists is determined,” the AP reports. “The new executive director is scheduled to be selected at the NFLPA's annual meeting in Hawaii in March.”

The story reminds us that Mr. Nance has lots of sports ties.

In addition to representing Cavaliers star LeBron James, Mr. Nance worked with former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue and his eventual successor, Roger Goodell, to secure a football team for Cleveland after the original Browns left for Baltimore.

Nike Zoom LeBron VI - Big Apple


On Tuesday, November 25, NBA All-Star LeBron James makes his first trip of the 2008-09 NBA season to Madison Square Garden as the Cleveland Cavaliers take on the New York Knicks. Not only will the perennial NBA All-Star be returning to the stage where he scored 50 points last season but he will be doing so in a special “New York City” version of his latest signature sneakers – the Zoom LeBron VI.

The “Big Apple” Zoom LeBron VI sneakers take inspiration from one of LeBron’s favorite cities, New York, by incorporating the color red throughout the shoe as a tribute to the city’s famous nickname. This will be the third time that LeBron will wear a special “New York” version of his signature shoe. Two seasons ago he wore a “graffiti” edition of the Zoom LeBron IV and last season he wore a version of the Zoom LeBron V’s that included pinstripes.

Fans looking to purchase the Zoom LeBron VI – “Big Apple” edition can do so in New York City on Friday, November 28. The shoe will be available at retail locations throughout the city such as Niketown and House of Hoops by Foot Locker and will retail for a suggested price of $140. Via Freshness

The Zoom LeBron VI shoe is the most versatile LeBron signature shoe from Nike and James. The Zoom LeBron VI performance basketball shoe represents the essence of LeBron James: team, toughness, passion and vision. The Zoom LeBron VI not only has a full-length Zoom Air unit in the mid-sole for the ultimate responsive ride, but also has a Zoom Air unit double-stacked in the heel. The cushioning system helps the forefoot for transition when jumping. Deep sipes in the shoe allow for natural motion, which means the shoe works with the athlete’s movement, rather than against it.

In addition to the special shoe that LeBron is scheduled to wear on court tomorrow, Nike is set to air its latest television commercial featuring LeBron on Thanksgiving Day. The U.S. television spot, dubbed “Chalk”, draws its inspiration from LeBron’s pregame ritual of tossing talcum powder into the air at the scorers’ table before each home and away game.

Common Officially a Blogger

Okay I know I'm a little late.

Common joins the community with his own site, CLICK HERE TO PEEP.


VIDEO: Talk About Good Sleep!

via. BBC Blog.

What the fcuk? I need these...

I swear I haven't slept past 9am in months.

808s & Heartbreak #1 on iTunes!!!

via. Kanye's Blog.

Congrats to Kanye... Hard work does pay off.
Even if your entire album is leaked before its actually released!

I must say I enjoyed the hype and craziness behind the whole project tho.


Monday, November 24, 2008 DL: Common feat. Kanye West - "Punch Drunk Love"

via. Fake Shore Drive.



G.O.O.D. Music.

Literally and Figuratively!



Stole this from the homie, DJ ATRAK, over at his BLOG.

Funny video him and Yeezy thru together.

"I hate the word facial." says Kanye.

"I hate the word hair..." replies ATRAK


VIDEO: entourage - season 5, episode 12: return to queens blvd/the season finale [HD quality & streaming]!


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DOWNLOAD: entourage - season 5, episode 12!!!!! (THE GRAND FINALE!)




VIDEO: Tracy Morgan - Human Giant

See more Tracy Morgan videos at Funny or Die

via. Press Play > Fashion Forward >>

This is by far one of the better shows on MTV. 

And Tracy Morgan is by far one of the funniest people on earth. ENJOY!

Kanye West Performs "Heartless" At The 2008 American Music Awards

Kayne's stage presence is amazing. The back drop was dope too.

Alonzo Mourning & Lebron James On Unique Whips.

Unique Whips is def one of my favorite shows over the past couple years.

They've always done Bron Bron's cars, and I remember back in the day Busta Rhymes did one of the first MTV Cribs: Car Editions at Unique Whips.

Friday, November 21, 2008 Interview: Willy Joy

This is the first of a series of interviews, that I will conduct with some of the DOPEST artists, DJs, and entrepreneurs in the industry. ENJOY!!!

Yoooo Willy, whats good man?

I'm sure you get this a lot, but where did you name come from?
  • My name came... from my mom & dad! It is, sort of unbelievably, my real name. Makes getting my paychecks easier... haha.

Where are you from? And who do you represent?
  • I've lived in a bunch of places, but I represent Chicago. I was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. I also lived in Providence, RI and Boston, MA for many years before moving to Chicago. The Chi is the first place I've lived since I left my parents' house as a kid that feels like home to me. There are so many artists doing amazing work here and it's an honor to rep them, rep myself, Chicago, and the Midwest. To me, artists from the Midwest are perennially slept on when they're some of the best people to work with. CHIP THE RIP I SEE YOU!

I'm a huge fan of Fly By Night Vol. 1 Mixtape, def some ILL shit i must say... Who are your influences? And how do you think they helped shape your sound into what it is today?
  • Thanks! My biggest conscious influences are my friends who are also musicians - hearing what they make or what they're into and learning from it is one of the fastest ways for me to progress what I do. Historically, my influences come from metal, rave music and rap... kind of across the board but it's true! I was a metalhead kid in middle school, a raver in high school, and a rap fan throughout college. After that it all just kind of blended together and I stopped categorizing so much. That's a really basic way to put it, but it summarizes me in a lot of ways...

How does it feel to be considered apart of "The Movement" going on in Chicago right now?
  • I couldn't be more proud to be part of the "New Chicago" sound. There's nothing like it sonically, and more importantly, I've never seen such a talented and SUPPORTIVE group of young hungry artists anywhere else. We're ALL making moves in one way or another, and we're ALL looking to help out each other however we can. Not to mention it's great when you can hang out with your friends and be working at the same time.

You were featured in URB Magazines: Next 100, along with Chip Tha Ripper, Kid Cudi, Million $ Mano, Mic Terror, and many more... Is this your biggest publication thus far? And how did this help your career?
  • URB was definitely big for me! People know the "Next 100" brand and it says a lot about any artist who can achieve that. Looking at the history of artists who have been named Next 100, there are a ton of hugely successful people. It puts the pressure on (in a good way) and definitely opened some doors for me to people who hadn't heard my name before.

As many people may know, Lollapalooza is a HUGE music festival that takes place in Chicago every summer, how was it to be apart of that? And can you share with us any crazy stories?
  • Being a part of Lollapalooza was amazing. I was playing very early on the first day of the festival, so I didn't really expect many people to be there. By the time I was finished, though, there was a big crowd going completely crazy - and this was at 1PM! Other than that, me and a couple boys kind of went nuts with the free swag, we were out for everything! I think we ended up with like 2 pairs of jeans each, 2 pairs of headphones each, a pair of shoes each, some free bags, shirts, coffee, sunglasses... it was off the hook and way too much to carry! And of course I didn't really need almost any of it. I can't turn down anything that's free!

You also are thee DJ for one of Chicago's newest & brightest artists, Mic Terror. How did that relationship start? And how has it progressed since you two linked up?
  • I met Mic Terror when I booked him for a show, actually. I had only heard a couple of his songs and didn't really know what to expect. He opened up the show with "HIIOOO" and I started flipping out. We kept in touch after that, and after a while it just made sense for us to work together. I think we have a mutual admiration - I think he's one of the best rappers in Chicago right now. We work well together, and we've started doing some out of town gigs - I'd only expect that to grow in the future. We're working hard and the live show is crazy - you hear that, booking agents?!

For those who do not know what your Fly By Night party is like, can you give a description of the madness, that is now one of the DOPEST parties thrown only once a month?
  • Fly By Night is something I look forward to every month. It's a party I've been throwing for over a year now in Chicago. Basically it's a place for me to bring in some of my friends from out of town to perform along with me and a few other Chicago locals. I think we've become a known quantity at this point in Chicago and our crowd is awesome. I really try to make it like the best house party you've ever been to - we get dirty, we get wild, everything is a little sloppy, hopefully you end up hooking up with the person you've been eyeing all night... and it's pretty much the best music you've ever heard. I want to bring back the excitement I had about music when I was 15 instead of the jaded asshole I am now! Haha!

I have recently seen your linking up with Scion, the car company... Can you tell us a little about that situation?

And whats in the future for Willy Joy? What can your fans, myself included, look forward to?
  • Expect a lot of new music! Remixes for Hollywood Holt, Dev79, Bin Laden Blowin Up and more are on the way, along with a ton of original tunes. A lot of shows too - coming to your town soon so come out and party!

**Special Thank You to Willy Joy... Check His Myspace Page below & Download Fly By Night Vol. 1!**

UPDATE: Browns Pursuing Bill Cowher

A source with knowledge of the situation tells us that the Browns have approached former Steelers coach Bill Cowher regarding the possibility of becoming the next coach in Cleveland.

Per the source, the Browns are willing to give Cowher a contract worth $8 million to $9 million per year.

Presumably, Cowher’s arrival would occur only if G.M. Phil Savage were fired or significantly marginalized.  (Maybe Savage can go work for the Bills — or if all else fails he can root for them.)  Cowher would want final say over personnel, and Cowher would want to install one or more of his former Steelers colleagues into key positions.

Likely candidates, if they can finagle a path out of Pittsburgh, would be director of football operations Kevin Colbert and/or director of business operations Omar Khan.

Cowher played for the Browns (i.e.Ravens) from 1980 through 1982, and he served as special teams coach in 1985 and 1986.  He was moved to defensive backs coach in 1987, and he remained in that position through 1988.


Nike SB Dunk Mid Premium - Plaid

via. Kicks on Fire.

We’ve already featured a few pairs of of Nike SB shoes that feature this mysterious cartoon character
 on the inner soles, and this
 pair is no different. Aside from the illustration on the inner sole, they feature a nice colorway which
 consists of blue and white nubuck along with red accen
ts throughout. They also sport some plaid highlights at the ankle area. They are slated to release as part of Nike SB’s Spring 200
9 collection so unfortunately fanatics will have to 
wait a while before they can get their hands on a pair. via 8420Sneaker

VIDEO: Snoop Dogg on Around the Horn

My vote is the same as Snoop's. 

I think Bron is leaving too... Brooklyn thats all I gotta say!

VIDEO: Common Speaks to the Kids

Uploaded by skaybn

Common is the coolest!

VIDEO: Living the Life. The Grand Opening on Atlantis

This is unreal... I saw a special on this a long time ago. 


Not really a big fan of JD, but I guess this is the treatment you get when Janet Jackson is your girl!

Headquarters Fit for a James Bond Villian

This underground data center has greenhouses, waterfalls, German submarine engines, simulated daylight and can withstand a hit from a hydrogen bomb. It looks like the secret HQ of a James Bond villain.

And it is real. It is a newly opened high-security data center run by one of Sweden’s largest ISPs, located in an old nuclear bunker deep below the bedrock of Stockholm city, sealed off from the world by entrance doors 40 cm thick (almost 16 inches).

Above left: View from the conference room (its floor is the surface of the Moon). Above right:Power equipment.
Above: The NOC is set in a cozy jungle setting. That light fog almost makes us think of cloud computing. Fog computing?

Above: Artificial waterfalls and plenty of green plants adorn the halls.

Above left: The submarine engines used for backup power. Above right: Another view of the power equipment.

Above: This map shows the layout of the data center.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

VIDEO: Solange - T.O.N.Y. (Featuring Kid Cudi & Cee Lo)

Cudi makes his acting debut in this video. No rapping or singing on this one. First appearance at :52, then periodically throughout the whole video. He is playing the fictional character T.O.N.Y. Cee Lo gets his cameo about half way thru the video.

Great to see the exposure Cudi is getting before any type of push from a label or investors. All off of peoples love and respect for the music.

VIDEO: LMAO!!! The Adventures of Trea The Truth (episode 1)

We heard about this shit happening... This is prolly one of the funniest things a hip-hop artist has ever done to dawg out another artist.

Animated adult humor is great. ex. Family Guy, Simpsons.

Nike ACG Air Wildwood - Nintendo Console

A few weeks ago, we posted news on the Nike Air Classic BW - Nintendo, which was inspired by the iconic video game console. Here we feature some detailed pictures of a pair of Nike ACG Air Wildwood - Nintendo Console. They seem to be inspired by the D-Pad used on video game controllers, and in particular, strongly resemble that of the original Nintendo console .The D-Pad is still seen on video game consoles today, but back then, this was the only source of character movement in any video game, as analog sticks didn’t exist. The black portion at the base of the upper is the most unique feature, as the controller pattern can be spotted there. Other than that, the shoes feature light grey, perforated leather on the rest of the upper along with red accents including the ACG log on the midsole. They are now available at select Nike accounts.

VIDEO: 88-Keys - The Death of Adam Release Party

Love this album... Please go get your copy today!

VIDEO: Barack & Michelle Obama On 60 Minutes [Full 41 Min]

I watched this the other night... Regardless of what happens in the next 4 to 8 years, I feel comfortable with Barack in office.

Air Yeezy's Due Out Spring 2009...

The Nike Air Yeezy (Kanye West signature shoes) will release starting in the spring of 2009. Sneaker Files has confirmed that the majority of Air Yeezy styles and colorways will be limited releases. The Air Yeezy is inspired by Kanye West's favorite shoes, notably the Air Jordan III (3) (used for the Yeezy mid-sole makeup). The Air Yeezy is highlited with glow in the dark accents which streak through the Nike Swoosh and Jordan III inspired mid-sole.

Pistons 98, Cavaliers 89

Dont wana talk about the game... FUCK DETRIOT! LoL...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

VIDEO: Studio w/ KID CUDI "Welcome to Heartbreak"

in the studio with KID CUDI "Welcome to Heartbreak" from va$htie on Vimeo.

Great video snatched from Finanshall Times.

Must say that this is def my favorite song thus far on the new Kayne album. Cudi is not fortunate to be on the song, HE MAKES THE SONG! Enjoy.

Kanye West - Welcome to Heartbreak ft. Kid Cudi
(loQ Radio Rip)

Cavaliers 106, Nets 82

Last night we had 4 in double digits and plenty of points to go around for everyone.

Lebron had 31 pts. 8 rebs. 4 asts. in only 36 min. of play.
And... he went 12 for 17 from the free throw strike.

West, Gibson, and Williams were shooting lights out from beyond the arc, a combined 9 for 11.

GO CAVS! Big Game tonight against Detroit!

VIDEO: Zune Commercial, NASTY!

I was on Chester French's Myspace Page and found this one...

Funny Shit!

VIDEO: Kid Cudi Performance @ The O2

Kid Cudi @ The 02 from Mr.Londoner on Vimeo.

via. G.O.O.D. Music Blog.

Audio's not that good,


Take a look at The O2, where he was performing! Big Things People!

DOPE VIDEO: Animator vs. Animation


Enjoy this masterpiece.

Really cool idea. DL: GLC feat. KAYNE WEST - "Big Screen"

via. Andrew @ Fake Shore Drive.


The week of the unwarranted leaks continue. "Big Screen" was serviced to radio yesterday and you knew there was absolutely no way they were going to be able to keep the lid on this monster. I've been claiming this is a smash for sometime now - now the world can hear for themselves. This is the official, no tags, CDQ.

This track will be featured on the upcoming Negro League Soundtrack.

GLC feat. Kanye West - "Big Screen"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

LEAK JONES TRAILER (New Video) - Trailer from Dj E-V on Vimeo.

LOG ON NOW & EXCLUSIVE - Chip Tha RIpper - ITS ME Freestyle



Chip Tha Ripper - ITS ME Freestyle


Dj E-V - LEAK JONES Vol.2 (Link)

1. Young Ray ft. Chip Tha Ripper - I Know (LJ EXCLUSIVE)

2. Ludacris ft Nas, Jay-Z - I do it for hip hop (LJ EXCLUSIVE)

3. Ron Browz, Busta, Swizz, Lil Kim, Luda - Pop Champagne (Rmx 3)

4. Busta Rhymes ft. Pitbull, Ron Browz - Arab Money (Remix)

5. Akon ft. Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy - I'm So Paid

6. Chip Tha Ripper - You Won’t Believe It (LJ Exclusive)

7. Kanye West – Heartless

8. Ron Browz – Jumpin

9. Charles Hamilton - BK Girls

10. Lil Wayne Ft. Willie the Kid - Art Of Storytellin 4 (Freestyle)

11. Kanye West - What it is

12. Jay-Z – History

13. B.O.B. ft. Asher Roth & Charles Hamilton - Change Gonna Come

14. Ludacris ft lil wayne - last of a dying breed

15. Kid Cudi Ft. Jim Jones - Day-N-Nite (Remix)

16. T-Pain ft. DJ Khaled – Karaoke

17. Gucci Mane – Stoopid

18. Yung Joc ft. Gucci Mane - Posted At The Store

19. Doxx- Pretty Cool (ft. Acie) (prod. by J. Hanna)

20. Chip Tha Ripper - Jive Freestyle ( (LJ Exclusive)

21. Young Shank - Neighborhood Star (LJ Exclusive)

22. Big Sean - Getcha Some bds

23. Ace Hood - Top of the World

24. Bonus

25. Bonus

26. Bonus