Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nike ACG Air Wildwood - Nintendo Console

A few weeks ago, we posted news on the Nike Air Classic BW - Nintendo, which was inspired by the iconic video game console. Here we feature some detailed pictures of a pair of Nike ACG Air Wildwood - Nintendo Console. They seem to be inspired by the D-Pad used on video game controllers, and in particular, strongly resemble that of the original Nintendo console .The D-Pad is still seen on video game consoles today, but back then, this was the only source of character movement in any video game, as analog sticks didn’t exist. The black portion at the base of the upper is the most unique feature, as the controller pattern can be spotted there. Other than that, the shoes feature light grey, perforated leather on the rest of the upper along with red accents including the ACG log on the midsole. They are now available at select Nike accounts.

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