Saturday, October 25, 2008

HBO x Kid Cudi

I was reading this post over at Hip Hop Update...
Congrats to the homie Cudi again!! Just killin' everything right now.

I read this today at work but didn't put it together until now, partially because I kept reading the name "Scott Mescudi." Anyways, Scott aka Kid Cudi, has been casted to be part of the new HBO pilot, "How to Make it in America." The show should be very interesting - sort of like an "Entourage" with a little less glamour and a little more struggle - at least that's what the premise sounds like. You can read the article HERE.

So again, congrats! Cudi has only dropped a mixtape and already dude has critical acclaim from Kanye West [not to mention a pair of Yeezy's], he rocks the stage with the best of um and now he's acting for an HBO show.

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