Wednesday, October 29, 2008

RH Photos: GLC's "I Ain't Even On Yet" Listening Party

Special thanks to everybody @ the GLC's "I Ain't Even On Yet" Listening Party.
Snatched this from RTC over @ Ruby Hornet.
Many of you know GLC from "Drive Slow" a Kayne West song featuring GLC & Paul Wall. Great to see good music, no pun intended, and hard work gets you places.


More Pics Below...

(GLC, Roosevelt Treasurechest)
(Jerome, J. Ivy, and Andrew Barber)

(THE HOMIE... Million Dolla Mano)

(RTC, Mikkey Halsted, and some ladies)
(Had to Post this... GLC had the all black Air Yeezy's on. AHHHHH!)

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