Monday, November 3, 2008

Consequence is Mad at Kid Cudi... hahaha.

Mannnnnnn... I don't even wanna put my "two cents" in on Consequence, as an artist, cause if that's what he's mad at Cudi for, he'll fcuk around and have a diss track out on Chip after I get done ridin' on him (no homo).

But back to this video... Let's break this down.

This dude doesn't even make sense wit what he's talking about. Now, whatever convo went on between these two that sparked this, I have no clue...

BUT, he tried calling Cudi out on his style and gear, I can personally say Cudi aint wearin' on raggy or dirty shit. AND if Cudi or any individual had been in the game as long as Consequence, they're sneaker game would be just as fresh! It helps when your going on your 2nd major deal, Cudi just starting his 1st.

Then tried calling him out on myspace and internet plays and promotion. Consequence says AND I QUOTE, "The Internet is free, so your supposed to get 100,000 hits, fam." which off bat, tells you he doesn't know what hes talking about. Cudi's got 2,821,419 total hits on his myspace as off 5:05am eastern time TODAY. AND anyone who is a striving artist or anyone who has Myspace would know, that's no easy task.

ALSO, let me NOTE that today Monday the 3rd of November, 2008 @ 5:07 am... Consequences Myspace page has 27 and Kid Cudi's has 2,221, which is probably the total amount of hits Consequence will get ALL DAY tomorrow.This coming from the man who calls himself "the motha fuckin' bionic man wit this internet shit, B!" LMAO! Do your homework DUDE, Cudi average's anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 plays in a day, with no "LABEL PUSH" right now. That purely off of Day N' Nite now getting national spins and word of mouth. Cudi has touched his fans and MORE... this compared to the dude who's already established and has music video's out right now, that don't get played for more than a month on MTV JAMS!! LMAO

Then continues to tell him he need to get in line or some bullshit, and begins to say how Cudi's not even a rapper yet, and how he needs to "stay in a child's place."

AT THIS POINT, he sounds recidulous and your thinking it can't get worse, but it does!

He then, out of no where, brings up his situation and/or former situation at Sony and how he's got a new situation already on the table (REALITY CHECK: Every Rapper has a "NEW" situation on the table.)... NOW this is where you can tell, all this shit must have stemmed from. Cause he starts to get salty, talkin about he release 8 video's off of one album. One of which got played, and that was "Grammy Family" which features who?? Kayne West and John Legend!! With numerous features through out the video, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Fonzworth, ect. Now, I'm no genius, but I'm guessing people were not tuned into that video for Consequence.

Then to end, he brings up the internet thing again and say's, "Don't get out of line and don't get stupid." "Make sure you takin care of your business, don't worry about mine." This is just another point I would like to bring up of how retarded this dude sounds... It looks like Cudi IS taking care of his business, Much love to Cudi doing his thing on the front of XXL this month, and it looks like he doesn't much care for Consequences business. Seeing how, HE ISEN'T THE ONE PUTTING OUT A VIDEO ON YOUTUBE!!!

So, I guess I did put my 2 cents in, lol. But I'll leave on this note... it seems to me like Consequence is feeling the pressure from his buddies at G.O.O.D. Music because Cudi's having so much success so early, something Consequence couldn't do by himself. And it seems like or would make sense that he is jealous of Cudi, its hard not too be... He is writing for Kayne, will be featured on Kayne's new album and Jay-Z's new joint! All I know, let's see who is still relievant to the game NEXT YEAR!


Anonymous said...

lol who is Consequence????
wow dude is a homo!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok I See Kid Cudi Is Officially Nice He Got Niggas Hatin Already DAMNN "And With Ever Decision Comes A Consequence" So In Closing You Fucked Up This Time Homie Next Time Come Correct Cleveland On Deck

Jamie Slade said...

Cons is just butt hurt that Kanye stopped promoting him and he fell off...Kanye just picked up Cudi and is workin with him now..i can see hows this stems from Cons's jealousy, but when it comes down to it..thats the gane you gotta play if your in the music businness..cons has good raps...but hasn't for a while. Cudi comes way harder and his originality surpasses consequence indefinately.

And he's so ugly.

Cudi 1 Cons 0

Anonymous said...

cudi 2 cons 0

Kev - S.L.A.B. ENT. said...

cudi 3 con 0

DJ E-V said...

cudi 4 con -50

Anonymous said... slab ent is a bunch of dick-riders. first yall jack your name froma texas group and rap like luda/ray cash. now yall are all on cudi and trying to be like chi-town. get a life of your own shheesh. big ups to cudi for the hard work. it's paying off

Kev - S.L.A.B. ENT. said...

i wish people had the heart to put who they really are!!!

And wish they knew what they were talking about. LoL...


The Glits aka iLLTHY RICH KID! said...


Because it's fresh in my head....what raggedy ass place was CONSEQUENCE recording this at ...(end of video).......

I bet thats where you live when you only buy fake kicks and sell licks
mad at kudi cuz now a young'n got chips.
speakin of chips slab's the ish!!
established bitch!
I guess it's cool to pretend you have some deal beef.
get a couple clicks, fake shoes and some "real teeth".
doesnt really matter if you feel me
my essence alone will give ya chills B.
but back to the" reel "beef
now the KiD's got a meal seat
"I never knew there was chicken in this soup"
Cudi gettin cudi with some chickens in a coup.
and i aint talkin bout the farm
so send your plaid shirt wearin ass back home to mom.
or be gone,... in 60 seconds
or figure out the consequences of your sentence.
relentless i guess you paid your dues
or paid your dudes...
what 20 motha fuckas do for yous.
cudi do for booze
buddy loose the shoes, take out the trash
say it to his face, use your mouth and ask.
he's fresh like new , so just know that
he rhymes ol'school but your the throw back.

one shout out!!

SLAB UP ENT. Hands to your faces.