Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dems lead way in early voting.

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I will say this, we cannot get confident YET! The election is not over til its over, and sometimes its not even over then! LoL... I kid, I kid. But seriously, don't get over confident and think Obama has won, still exercise your RIGHT to VOTE, even if you don't feel like your vote matters. A LANDSLIDE victory for Obama would really be a nice start to pointing this country in the right direction.

Sooo Ill say it again, VOTE!! Today, Tomorrow, Monday, or Tuesday!! There are no hand outs and no one is gonna just put Obama in office, it's up to YOU!!


If you haven't seen Chip's last trip to Chicago, peep this photoshoot...

VIDEO: Ruby Hornet x Chip Tha Ripper x St!zo: Dia De Los Muertos Tee - Photoshoot from Kevin M on Vimeo.

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