Sunday, November 9, 2008

xxl Interview, the xplaination by Kid Cudi

Snatched this straight from Cudi's Blog, which AGAIN I encourage you to check out! Cudi has taken over complete control of his blog/news feed. DOPE SHIT!

Cudi's words...

ok so, the folks at XXL basically thought it was a good idea to let us drink and smoke during the interview…bad idea lol or they did it on purpose to make us say a lot random shit we wouldnt normally say sober….if dats the case, pure genius, cuz i was def bamboozled into talkin

which is why i use the term “muthafucka” very loosely in this interview and talked so much cuz i was slithered….i cant claim it but im pretty sure wale was too lol

Cudder Talk 101:

Slithered means leanin’ or buzzed but 2 steps under wasted

put dat in the urban dictionary ayee


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