Saturday, December 13, 2008

Apple MacBook - TriBook

via. Gizmo Ave.

Concept design... GREAT IDEA!

As someone who uses multiple screens when I’m working (or playing games) the idea of having a laptop with some extra screen space as portable as the unit itself is really exciting. Sure, that extra space would come in the form of folding, side-mounted monitors that have a break before the main screen — annoying for some — but some extra, segmented workspace on a portable platform is music to my ears.

And portable the triBook is: the conceptual rendering, picked up by Mac|Life, calls for a notebook that’s 10 inches wide and a little over six inches long. Click on through for more information than you’d ever want to know about the triBook concept.


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joy said...

this is hott...I would actually get this. I been wanting to upgrade to a Mac cause my PC be fu**in up sometimes. lol