Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Thee 2nd installment of our Interview Series here @ SLABUP.com. This time around we feature one of the DOPEST artists coming out of Chicago right now, MIC TERROR! Have had the pleasure of working with Mic over the past 8 months or so, dudes got his business and music on LOCK! Out here hustlin' and making a name for himself! Got some great Downloads for you after the interview. With no further ado...


Those who are not familiar with you yet, Mic Terror is...
  • Mic Terror is the voice of the average joe.
Where and how did your name come about?
  • My nick name in the hood was always Mike T and one day in 7th grade I was writing a rap and the line I wrote was "I'll delete u like a spelling error they call me MIKE T the T stands for TERROR" and was like hmmmm? MIKE TERROR that's got a nice ring to it and sometime down the line I changed the spelling of MIKE to MIC to give it a double meaning and out came MIC TERROR. That's been my name so long people think my real last name is TERROR. My teachers in highschool even called me MIC TERROR... lol!
What part of Chicago you from?
  • I was born on the west side of Chicago and raised in various parts from the Northpole to Englewood. When I was 10 years old my family moved to Riverdale a suburb 1 minute south of Chicago. I witnessed Riverdale transform into a ghetto over the years due to gentrification and what not. I still live in Riverdale now... that's home to me.
In the song "Next Up" featuring Chip, Mickey Factz, & Naledge you say "this ain't no hipster, no backpack, no emo rap...", what do you categorize your music as?
  • Straight up hip hop, in the purest form.
You are apart of "The Movement" coming out of Chicago right now, how do you feel about the overall talent coming out of this specific area of Hip Hop? And do you feel as if other people or possibly other cities are jockin' off "The Movement"?
  • Fuck other people, artists, rappers, etc...lol! I just do me and let people do them. I'm my own movement, I'm mad picky! A lot of rappers are WACK to me in Chicago and outside of Chicago.... the artist who I fuck with know wassup tho. Whass good my ninjas... I'm just mad anti-social like that sometimes, I don't like many people especially rappers
Whats your current situation looking like? Management? Record Labels?
  • Mo.B (Mo Billionaire) is my manager and mad offers on the table... Lets see what happens in the next few months.
Your remix to "Come Around" with M.I.A. seems to have made a nice buzz on the Internet and in the streets, not a lot of people have done a remix to "Come Around"... From an outsider looking in, that is a great move to get more exposure. How'd that remix come about? And who's idea was it to push it, the timing seemed perfect?
  • M.I.A. is my homie, she asked me what song would I like to remix and COME AROUND was my favorite track of hers. So I said, "This it right here ima kill this!" It just went crazy on the Internet.
**SIDE NOTE: This is not bullshit, they are really homies! CLICK on the pictures below and PEEP the LOVE M.I.A. shows Mr. Terror!! OFFICIAL**

(Check Out #4 on her List)
(SUNSET BLVD. That's L.A. if You Didn't Mind!)

You have a great DJ by the name of Willy Joy? How did that music relationship start?
  • YEP... Me and Willy just had a mutual respect for each others craft. Then, I got the idea to make him my DJ when we rocked a show at SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST together it just made since.
Just a few weeks ago was my first time seeing you perform, I must say that the "showmanship" was without a doubt Grade A, and you had the club singing every word, how much has your fan base in Chicago helped you as a performer and have you always brought that high energy?
  • Thanx G! Man... Chicago is a ruff crowd if you can make them negative hating assholes like you... you can rock any crowd. Chicago is called "HATERVILLE" for a reason but yeah I've been bringing that high energy! I bring that with me everywhere I go.
Whats next for Mic Terror? Whats can the world look forward to?
  • Action figures, lunch boxes, cartoon series, sitcoms, sex tapes, law suits, protests, the whole 9! LoL... Big shit poppin', lil shit stop it. Just keep watching I ain't gon tell you Ima show you.


Mic Terror (prod. by Million $ Mano) - "Juke Them Hoes"

M.I.A. feat. Mic Terror - "Come Around" REMIX

MIC TERROR - The Terror Dome VOL. 2 (Mixtape)


Finanshall said...

that shit is off the hook ! props for the info and the music, I remeber Mic from that Next Up song, he was the only one I didn't know off that track and he did his thang for real. props again great read

Kev - S.L.A.B. ENT. said...


Mic Terror is def DOPE!

Anonymous said...

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