Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chicago Reader Article on Andrew Barber & FSD

**CONGRATS Andrew. His site has a lot of influence in how set up Keep holdin' down for Chicago... Only dude I know who holds it down for his city no matter what! If its not Chicago related, ITS NOT WORTHY! LoL. ATTENTION ARTISTS - GET YOUR FEATURE GAME UP!!! Hahaha.**

As many of you may know, I kind of shy away from doing interviews and press on myself, just because I've always been more interested in building FSD as a brand, then trying to make Andrew Barber pop. But when Miles Raymer from the Chicago Reader approached me about doing a story on myself and Fake Shore Drive, I couldn't turn it down. Miles shadowed me at the Mikkey Halsted "Internet on Lock" party last week and did an interview with me shortly thereafter - he pieced together this feature in his Sharp Darts section and published it today. You can either check the article online, or pick up the Reader on newsstands or in the various FREE reader boxes around the city. Thanks again to all the readers, fans, Miles and Saverio for their support.

Like most hip-hop events, the party Mikkey Halsted threw on inauguration day to celebrate the launch of his new Web site was awash in networking—cards were exchanged, demos pressed into hands, phone numbers typed into Blackberries. The rappers and producers in attendance included quite a few with at least modest national profiles (GLC, No I.D., Naledge of Kidz in the Hall, Mic Terror), and together they formed a cross section of Chicago’s diverse hip-hop scene, which makes room for commercially inclined gangsta types, conscious backpackers, and skinny-jeans-wearing so-called hipster-hoppers. And almost everybody there took a second to swing by and say what’s up to the scruffy-looking white dude whose blog, Fake Shore Drive, has become a vital nerve center for that scene...

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