Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cleveland Scene Magazine: 12 Bands To Watch in 2009

Found this while VOTING FOR DJ E-V & CHIP... Nice article on the local bands.
Shout out to "This Is a Shakedown!" They occationally play as Chip's Live Band.

Sidenote: I just got hit with an email today from the Scene Magazine, they are doing are article on Cleveland Hip Hop featuring Kid Cudi & Chip Tha Ripper.

Volume 15, Issue 88
Published January 22nd, 2009

12 Bands To Watch

Up-and-coming Local Acts Worth Checking Out In 2009

As If

The members of As If were last seen as part of Akron indie-rock group Either/Orgami. In their new trio, they're all hopped up on the 'NCX sound, with enough garage undercurrents to make it fresh and contemporary. "We went for more of a straight-up rock 'n' roll sound," explains drummer Anne Lillith, who could single-handedly smoke any actual Lilith Fair band. "We like [early] Heart a lot." Lillith keeps the beat for the twin-sister team of singer-bassist Abby Powell and guitarist Carly Powell. The three have known each other since grade school; they've been playing together six years. After a year of gigs at under-the-radar spots like Akron's Matinee, they're getting ready to record in 2009. The band has a MySpace page but it includes only pictures, not music. So you'll have to catch them live to experience the shake-your-ass groove of the rawkin' jam "Hey Man." As If is "nothing too pretentious and complicated," says Lillith. "We go for catchy and fun." - D.X. Ferris


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