Thursday, January 8, 2009

Eric Mangini understands what it means to be apart of the Cleveland Browns

I'm just gonna go ahead and chime in right away on this one, NOT A FAN!
In three seasons with the Jets he went 23-25!!! A losing record... and couldn't even make the playoffs with Brett Farve! As always tho... Go Brownies!

BEREA -- New Browns coach Eric Mangini, who began his career here in 1994 as a ballboy and then a public relations intern, walked up to the podium at his introductory press conference this morning and quipped, "I feel like I should be getting some coffee or some Bucci's or picking up some towels or something."

Mangini, the 12th fulltime head coach of the Browns, looked as much at home in Berea today as he did in 1994 and 1995 when he was a gofer with a huge dream of someday being an NFL coach.

"I was a 23-year-old ballboy and I had to explain this to my mom," he said. "I had college loans and it was a hard sell. There were pictures of me with my arm around 12-year-olds and we had towels around our necks. I was like, 'Mom, this is the Cleveland Browns? Do you understand? It's the Cleveland Browns."



kardiackeith said...

So 2/3 winning seasons, a trip to the playoffs, and coach of the year doesn't make you like this hire anymore? He had one bad season, and not yanking an old Brett Favre (Mangini didn't want him anyways) cost EM his job this year. The guy has tides to Cleveland in Mark Shapiro, and also began his career here. He knows what it's all about to be a Cleveland Brown, and what it means to this city. Discipline...something this team lacked last season and it was evident by the media zoo this Cleveland Browns locker room created weekly. Mangini isn't the nice happy go lucky guy his predecessor Romeo Crennel was. Mangini is a guy of discipline, and more worried about getting the most out of his players as opposed to Crennel who just wanted his players to like him. I think we are going to see a completely new football team next season.

Sorry, once I'm lifted, I can type forever.

Scott Berlin said...
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Kev - S.L.A.B. ENT. said...

hes 23-25 he had ONE trip to the playoffs. and hes 0-1. this is the NFL... usually if you cant win, you cant win. most coaches who are losing coaches dont go somewhere else and win. thats why there is such a coaching problems no adays... because nobody as patience. we need instant results!

hes another product of Belechik... Weiss is a bum and romeo was a bum!

we havnt even hired a GM yet for christ sake!! so now whoever comes assumes that position is stuck with someone he didnt put in there.

we could have the worst owner in the league now.

WORST DECISION EVER... All the rest of the teams in the NFL with a coaching vacancy have no picked a coach yet. MANGINI WASNT ON ANYONE RADAR. Not 1 team had interest in him.

read this dude...