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Sidenote: Hollywood is the homie. You will be hearing a track from him and Chip soon.

Septum piercings and hip-hop dont necessarily go hand-in-hand, but do you think Hollywood Holt cares? I highly doubt it. In 2008, homie got cosigns from Kanye West, went on tour with KiD CuDi, worked on an album with Adult Swim and was easily one of the breakout stars from The Go. Below, I chop it up with Mr. Holt and speak on everything from spots to hit up in Chicago to his musical inspirations.

illRoots: What’s going on Holtster? What are you currently up to?

Hollywood Holt: Just makin’ more music and finding fun stuff to do everyday.

iR: That’s what’s up. Lately i’ve been hearing your single ‘Hollywood’ everywhere. How did that song come about?

HH: Well Mano made the beat as a remix to MIA’s ‘Bucky Don Gone’ and I thought it was so cold. I just took it and rapped over it and it came out dope.

iR: How did you link up with the good folks at Chocolate Industries and Adult Swim?

HH: Seven showed the most interest in me and had the deal I wanted, so I went with them. Then he hit me up about Adult Swim and since Venture Brothers is my favorite show of all time I was like hell’s to the yeah [Laughs].

iR: [Laughs]. What was your first reaction after hearing that Kanye posted the video for ‘Hollywood’ on his blog?


iR: You and Millionaire Dollar Mano are cousins, correct? Do you have any good stories or memories while growing up with him?

HH: Are you kidding? We have been in car accidents together, our first trip out of town was together, we fought together, I saved his life before… Man we seriously have been best freinds for 14 years. We have done everything there is to do together, it would take to long.

iR: Damn, that’s what’s up. Nothing better then family. Why would a Chicago emcee take on the name Hollywood Holt?

HH: ‘Cause in Chicago, Hollywood is a term for flashy. When I was comin’ up, the nigga’s with the nickname Hollywood either had the dope cars and gold and shit or they were the crazy nigga’s that take they shirt off at the club and fuck shit up. I think that suited me well.

iR: I might be moving to The Chi this fall, what is the first thing you recommend I do when I touch down?

HH: Go to Super Sub and get a Vicelord Burger/Gyro Burger.

Hollywood Holt - Hollywood

iR: Will do. How do you feel about the phrase “hipster rap”? Do you feel people categorize you to be in said genre?

HH: Yeah, I hate that bullshit. I’m an artist that makes music, I got all type of fans not just fuckin’ hipsters. Shits mad corny.

iR: What was it like going on tour with CuDi for a few shows? Any good stories?

HH: Yeah man. Well what happend was I was annoyed that I couldn’t get on somebody’s tour so I was like ‘fuck it man lets make our own tour’ so i hit my label dude and he was down and he was like ‘we need someone else thats around the same level as you’ and then he was like ‘CuDi’ and I was like ‘fsho’ cuz i was a fan of his music. I met him previously so when he accepted to come on the tour I was stoked. Man, when we hit the road it was awesome, that’s my nigga man. He just like us, it was like hangin’ out with an old freind. I love that dude.

iR: Ahh, sounds dope! What’s your favorite part about performing?

HH: My favorite part about performing is making people enjoy my art. When I see people with their hands up, rappin’ the lyrics or crowd surfin’, I feel accomplished. I want people to come to my show and just release you know? Just have as much fun as possible. Just jump in instead of hesitating like everyday life. I want them to go home and say ‘man, that shit was crazy’.

iR: Who were some of your influences growing up? Did you always wanna do music?

HH: Man mos def. Special Ed, MC Lyte, Busta Rhymes, Gangstarr, Onyx! Big Pun!!! Big L!!! Eminem!!!! I always wanted to rap, yes.

iR: Where do you see yourself three years from now?

HH: Hopefully living very well off of my music and doing very big things.

iR: Dope. What can we expect from Hollywood Holt in the near future?

HH: Greatness.

iR: Thanks so much for your time. Any last words for the illRoots readers?

HH: Man whatever you want to do in life just do it. Don’t talk about it just do it.

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