Friday, January 30, 2009

NYC Tourism :: Touch Screen Interactive Tables.

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By Karl Greenberg

New York City is increasing its marketing spend this year to bring visitors to the Big Apple. The effort includes a new, high-tech visitor's center, a new tourism Web site, deals with Google and Travelocity, and new regional tourism offices. New York City & Company (NYC & Co.), funded both privately and by city government, handles visitor and tourism marketing.

The new 2,000-square-foot visitors center--a $1.8 million renovation between office buildings and a restaurant on Seventh Avenue at 53rd Street--opened Wednesday with Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other dignitaries on hand to talk up the city's tourism program and demonstrate a row of four-foot wide touch-sensitive interactive tables and interactive kiosks.

Developed by Google and featuring Google Earth technical magic, the tables allow visitors to search the city and surrounding boroughs digitally with a virtual map that can be dragged and expanded. Users can pull up points of interest, create an itinerary and save it to any handheld device or a special disc by placing it on a demarcated circle at the table's center, then print, save or email it. Digital agency New York-based Huge handled the program and the new site,

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