Saturday, January 10, 2009

Psychedelic Salvia Banned in Ohio

This is fine with me. This shit is fucking retarded anyway...
BUT... Interesting Fact. Read this from Wiki...

"The most commonly reported after-effects include an increased feeling of insight, an improved mood, a sense of calmness, and an increased sense of connection with nature—though, much less often, it may also cause
dysphoria (unpleasant or uncomfortable mood).[9] Salvia divinorum is not generally understood to be toxic or addictive, and as a κ-opioid agonist, it may have potential as an analgesic and as a therapeutic tool for treating drug addictions.

NOW, WHAT WAS IT IN THOSE AFTER EFFECTS THAT WERE HARMFUL AGAIN??? Sounds like it makes people HAPPY! Wowwwwwwwww... Drugs are pretty bad. And I'm not talking about the serious shit people... Im talking about Tree's and Shroom's. Our doctor's in America FEED people with UPERS & DOWNERS... And this shit is ILLEGAL! GET REAL!

Any YOUTUBE videos you see of people "tripping" on Salvia is BULLSHIT! The shit is retarded yoooo! Doesn't do a damn thing. You'd be better off doing whip it's or something like that. It lasts just as long.

BEST WAY TO DESCRIBE: The crack cocaine version of Tree. Unless, you smoke regs, cause thats just as bad too! Step your Tree game UP! Hahaha.

Let's work on the Legalization of Tree now!!!

On the next bill for Ohio, that ISSUE will be up again on the Ballot!
I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE people to Vote YES on the Legalization of Tree!

What do you think?

GO FIGURE... I find the source of this article is from the local paper @ OHIO UNIVERISTY!!!(Where Chip is having a show) Hahaha. Now if your not aware of Ohio University, they have many very FINE TREE'S down there.

"Gov. Ted Strickland signed a law yesterday that will add the hallucinogen Salvia divinorum to Ohio’s controlled substance list.

The law, which takes effect in 90 days, classifies salvia as a Schedule I controlled substance alongside drugs like marijuana.

Ohio joins at least nine other states to ban the use, possession or distribution of salvia.

State Senator Jimmy Stewart, R-20, said the law will be enacted in the same way as previous additions to the Schedule I controlled substance list.

Stewart, who was the state representative for the 92nd district from 2003-2008, voted in favor of the bill when it passed through the Ohio House of Representatives in December.

Salvia, an herb native to Oaxaca, Mexico, causes a five to 10 minute high that produces psychedelic effects, such as the perception of vivid colors. The herb is not known to be addictive."

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