Thursday, January 15, 2009 DL: Bangladesh - Passport Music (Hosted By Don Cannon) [Mixtape]

Snatched this from the good people of OnSmash.

Bangladesh is back in 2009 with his mixtape Passport Music Hosted By Don Cannon the money machine.. Featuring bangers that Bangladesh produced with him rhyming over them also with his artists Muffy and Tom Foolery.. Shout out to Coach K and Papa Smirf..

01. Passport Music (Intro)
02. Close Up (feat. Tom Foolery)
03. Computer Talk (Skit)
04. Girls Love Me (feat. Rick Ross & Busta Rhymes)
05. Bangladesh Platinum Planes Freestyle
06. How You Feel (Drop) (feat. Muffy)
07. Hit That (feat. M.I.A)
08. Muffy - Gone Hate
09. Muffy - Muffy Talk (Skit)
10. Muffy - Diva Mix
11. Adidas
12. Who Dat? (feat. Big Fraze & Muffy)
13. Ike Turner (feat. Big Fraze, Tom Foolery & Muffy)
14. Muffy - Muffy Talk 2 (Skit)
15. Pleasure For Sale
16. Tom Foolery - Foolery Nigga
17. Respect Those
18. Close Up (Love Me Mix)

DOWNLOAD: Bangladesh - Passport Music (Hosted By Don Cannon) [Mixtape]

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Anonymous said...

This Mixtape is Fire!! If You Ain't Kop'd It Yet Do Straight Fire!