Monday, January 26, 2009 DL: Mic Terror: "I Like It Raw" x "Snow Globe" ft. Travis McCoy

via. Ruby Hornet .

Mic Terror is getting ready to drop his "King of The New School" mixtape tomorrow. Here he hits us with a little leak, as he goes in over ODB's "Shimmy Shimmy Ya". You can download that joint a day early below, and you can stream the whole mixtape now at HipHopGame, before it official drops.

DOWNLOAD: Mic Terror: "I Like It Raw" (Shimmy-Oh Freestyle)

UPDATE: Got this from Andrew @ FSD.

Mic T hooked up with Travis McCoy of the Gym Class Heroes for a track from his King of the New School mixtape (hosted by DJ Moon Dawg), which drops everywhere tomorrow.

DOWNLOAD: Mic Terror feat. Travis McCoy - "Snow Globe"

Also, if you just can't wait until tomorrow, you can head over to HipHopGame and stream the entire thing a day early.

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