Thursday, January 29, 2009 DL: Rhymefest - SuperSonic (Chucky Cheese) [Charles Hamilton Diss]

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Well I can’t say I didn’t see this coming after Charles said them lines in the battle with Serius Jones about Rhymefest.. Rhymefest is going in on son in this “SuperSonic (Chucky Cheese)” record.. I wonder if Chuck will respond, this isn’t Soulja Boy either.. Anyways, look out for that Rhymefest mixtape The Manual coming really soon.. NMC, ya know.. Big shout out to Rhymefest and Chuck release that battle footage stop keeping it!!

DOWNLOAD: Rhymefest - SuperSonic (Chucky Cheese)

UPDATE BELOW: Charles Hamilton's Response via his BLOG.

Situation is simple: a sensitive lyricist is upset at a random punchline that he wasn't even there to hear. I'm glad it isn't SB, but its not really a step up.

I offer the same resolution to this old ass child. Because we spoke. Leave me alone, or be faced with a psychodelic, unholy lyrical response that will scar even your forefathers' viewpoint on the way your life has been lived up until the point you decided to engage in lyrical combat.

And I'm not even mad.

Fans, citizens of earth, could now be the time that a public sacrifice of a useless old human be witnessed?

You decide. Meanwhile, I'm smiling and in a good mood about life...

I love women. Hate bitch ass niggas

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