Friday, January 23, 2009

URB Magazine: Hollywood Holt

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***The homie Hollywood Holt got a nice little feature in the same URB Mag. that 88-Keys graces the cover of.***

as told to La’Juanda Knight photography by Andreas Larsson:

My First Grown Man Hat

Even if he’s not lacking hip-hop stature, Hollywood Holt is a tiny dude. So what’s the secret to the Chicago MC’s rap game command? Maybe it’s his hyperbolic energy or maybe it’s all in the hat. Just don’t expect dude to be rockin’ a fitted.

“[Diamond Jims] are well made hats. Grown man hats. When I was 14, my dad got me a Sadora first. A black one and it was real nice. He would tell me that if you get a well made hat then it will last forever. It got fitted to my head and still fits. I like spending money on quality things, I collect hats. As I got older I didn’t like the Sadora look. One day I went into the hat store and they had a shorter brimmed hat. I have a small head. I found the Diamond Jim and it has a short top and diamond shape to the head. You can wear it with anything. I love it. I started collecting those; the first one 1 got was in Texas. Now I have like 12 of them. I can wear it with a suit or t-shirt and shorts. You can wear them dressy or not dressy. They can be stepped on and it will still be good.”

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