Thursday, January 8, 2009

SoundScan Numbers

via. Hip Hop Update.

I love this update that I snatch from Hip Hop Update.
Really shows you how tough it is to sell!!!

3 WEST*KANYE 808S & HEARTBREAK 70,932 -57 165,117 1,094,859

7 COLE*KEYSHIA DIFFERENT ME 53,627 -58 126,506 502,218

8 FOXX*JAMIE INTUITION 44,638 -57 104,506 414,506

11 AKON FREEDOM 36,674 -53 77,632 350,294

13 T.I. PAPER TRAIL 32,180 -59 78,319 1,554,283

14 LUDACRIS THEATER OF THE MIND 31,250 -46 58,320 470,406

19 LIL WAYNE THA CARTER III 25,992 -55 57,813 2,900,412

20 PLIES DA REALIST 24,747 -53 52,707 192,128

40 COMMON UNIVERSAL MIND CONTROL 17,315 -46 32,256 166,432

41 T-PAIN THR33 RINGZ 17,265 -57 40,546 430,118

59 YOUNG JEEZY RECESSION 12,570 -44 22,425 719,294

63 SOULJA BOY TELL'EM ISOULJABOYTELLEM 12,162 -65 34,370 92,097

78 GAME LAX 9,622 -35 14,703 643,362

118 SCARFACE EMERITUS 5,939 -44 10,611 85,410

137 DJ DRAMA DEDICATION 3 5,300 -44 9,496 23,080

146 Q-TIP RENAISSANCE 4,963 -34 7,553 98,288

160 E-40 BALL STREET JOURNAL 4,593 -39 7,524 68,751


KardiacKeith said...

Honestly, CD sales don't really mean much anymore because it doesn't translate to touring success. Look at the top acts in America today from any stand point (rap rock, country) and see for yourself. The top touring acts of 2008 were all established musicians that have been around the scene for quite sometime. The other thing that sucks is that it's impossible to move physical units. I couldn't tell you the last full album I purchased. Until someone thinks of a way to give a listener a full album for a sickening low price, Itunes will continue to sell single songs like they are going out of style. Selling CD's is an odd concept in America today to me because even if you do sell a shit load of CD's, there's nowhere near a guarantee anyone is going to come see you live. Just my two sense.

Hope you had a good holiday dude. This blog is poppin, and I check it like 10 times a day.

Can't wait to hear new Chip mixtape as well.

How much longer until I can hear a full dose of dopeness? Is that tune going to be a single?

Kev - S.L.A.B. ENT. said...

i agree. cant say they dont mean much... because to an artist that is everything they work for! and the artist depends on royalties! there are sooooo many artists from the 60s,70s,80s,90s making royalties on albums and never have to do a single thing for the rest of they're life. but i understand what you saying. SOMEONE needs to come up with a way to get people in stores to buy the actual CD no doubt!

Thanks man appreciate it.

Chips shit is gonna be crazy.

And Dope of Dopeness is on Cudder and what he does with it!

kardiackeith said...

If you ever get a chance, check out

This dudes been in the industry for years, and is one of the most touted music industry bloggers in the biz. His writings are like crack.

Kev - S.L.A.B. ENT. said...


Joy said...

Im surprised at Ludacris' hasnt even gone gold yet.

Kev - S.L.A.B. ENT. said...

CD sales have gone to shit.

Anonymous said...

Has n e 1 considered that just maybe these cats aren't selling b cuz their music is just whack!