Sunday, January 11, 2009

When 50 Cent Speaks... You Listen! LoL.

50 Cent On Shade 45 "Kanye West Has A Whole R&B Album" Plus Speaks On Lil Wayne Diss Track "I Will Mop The streets With Your Ass" + Talks On The Whole Fat Joe Circle "The Whole Miami Is Like The Cocaine Cowboys" + Oprah [Audio]

What do you think about 50 now a days? Up to the same old ways??


Joy said...

50 was speaking the truth. Oprah fails to recognize the contributions that hip hop artist has made. She is a sell out.

I didnt like how he was dissin Kanye...that nigga is an artistic genius. 50 is not acknowledging the fact that hip-hop is no longer just hard core, or just gangter. Hip hop has branched out to be more r&b, more rock, more alternative. And for that reason, artists are getting more features, like with linkin park, and maroon 5. Artist like Ye and Cudi are the future cause thats what ppl want to hear. We're tired of the same ol shit! He is so stuck with being a gangter rapper...he needs to quit hating.

That lil wayne shit was funny though. He would tear him apart.

Kev - S.L.A.B. ENT. said...