Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kev's Fav Blogs: herfection (h.e.r.)

Okayyyy... Since I have been extremely busy since Thursday night and have been slacking on posts. I wanted to start one of my new segments on, in which, I feature SOME of MY FAVORITE BLOGS!!!

The first FEATURED BLOG is

This is BY FAR one of my TOP 5 blogs... Heather aka h.e.r. posts some of the DOPEST info when it comes to Hip-Hop. Not only is h.e.r. layout very nice, the content she posts is TOP NOTCH! I intend on updating this post and re-posting it this coming week... BUT I wanted to give a little sneak speak before I have to run, Chip has a show tonight @ OHIO UNIVERSITY!!! WISH US LUCK & ENJOY...!

I know I do!

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herfection said...

most def on the exclusives!