Thursday, February 26, 2009

Video: Kanye West on the Wake Up Show (Pt. 2)

via. OnSMASH.

Watching this definitely opened my eyes to some things...
Kanye brought up two points that caught my attention:

1. They were talking about music & if there should be a difference between "Hip-Hop" & "Hip-Pop" & people being afraid to call other artists music WACK and Kanye said something along the lines of, I doesn't say people are Wack, I just give props to people I like. Because I know the power I have, and don't want to take money or food outta no man's mouth. Who am I to say it's WACK? This caught my attention because of the things that were written about Bone Thugs. I realized why people got so upset, and it hit me how powerful someones words can be.

2. The next thing he brought up was cloths in which he said something like, If I don't wear Ed Hardy, you shouldn't wear Ed Hardy... If that makes you feel good, then cool.
And he begins to talk about how there has always been this "snob factor" in Hip-Hop & how there is always a struggle of what's the coolest & newest shit. Again... opening my eyes to the things that were written about Bone Thugs. If that's makes you happy then, that's cool! Everyone is different. People shouldn't be judged from the outside, they should be judged by whats inside.

Anyway... its a long interview, but if your a Ye fan. Its worth it!


Anonymous said...

We all make mistakes Kev. its ok lol

Kev - S.L.A.B. ENT. said...

hahaha... i mean. I guess just caught up in the moment.

i know with age comes wisdom... I just wish i Knew it all right now! LoL... God is a cool dude! Judging people is LAME! lol.

Anonymous said...

There we go let it all out naw but On some real shit u learn new shit everyday so its nothin...Bone Thugs Comin Kid Cudi Def. Comin Chip Right Behind/Beside That Nigga Ray Comin Cle Comin thats just what it is

Kev - S.L.A.B. ENT. said...


Cleveland is the reason!

The Mayor said...

hahaha, i feel the fact that the whole bone thing may have been a little over board but what you were doing was voicing

*********** YOUR OPINION **********

you never said your opinion was the word of god, it was just a fucking opinion then all the bone lovers had to get all upset and personal about it, everyone needs to relax, its a blog not the new york times

CaliforniaSoul said...

I agree With the Mayor... plus Your from Clevland(I Think?)and if someone isnt reppin your region right(Like You Said In The Bone Thugs Post)that shit could be annoying so dont regret what you said as long as thats how you feel Get Me?