Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Asher Roth - Just Listen E.P.

via. HHU

I honestly don't know much about this EP, other than it sounds like some of Asher Roth's earlier recordings...well...I guess 2006 (as it's labeled) isn't too early...but early in the sense that all this was recorded before he unexpectedly blew up via "I Love College."

Wasn't sure about the EP because I couldn't find much info on earlier Roth work, aside from him saying he put out a mixtape called "Believe the Hype." Maybe this is "Believe the Hype," but renamed? Some of y'all can probably give me the low down.

However, he recently performed an
a capella version of "Just Listen," which is the same "Just Listen" on this EP.

"It's Alright" is probably my favorite track off this collection of tracks:

1. Just Listen
2. Yea Right
3. Playaa
4. Troubled Life
5. Be Okay
6. Superstitious
7. Alone
8. It's Alright
9. Master Matts (Freestyle)
10. Never Give Up

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