Wednesday, March 11, 2009

FSD Inside: The Cool Kids - When Fish Ride Bicycles

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**Shout out to Andrew Barber... This is a great post!**

"A few nights ago I was invited to The Blender, a nondescript Chicago studio, to preview The Cool Kids OFFICIAL debut album (
The Bake Sale was only an EP), When Fish Ride Bicycles. The entire album, which is not 100% complete, was recorded at The Blender, so listening to this album on their home turf in their natural habitat added to my listening experience.

Over the past month, whenever I’ve talked to Chuck Inglish, he’s been gassing me up about how dope this album is: “It’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before! Think
The Chronic! Think Aquemini!” And to tell you the truth, I wasn’t that skeptical because I’ve never known him to talk shit like that. I knew this had to be something big, so I jumped at the opportunity to listen to their latest, albeit unfinished, opus.

Chuck produced the album in its entirety, and he and Mikey Rocks handle all of the vocals, with the exception of one outside guest, Bun B. Check out Andrew Barber's preliminary thoughts on When Fish Ride Bicycles..." from Andrew Barber.


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