Monday, March 23, 2009

Kanye Complex Cover x Air Yeezy Feature.

Kanye decided he wanted a next-level type of photoshoot so he cooked up an idea with famed director and photographer Chris Milk to produce computer-generated images in conjuction with the same lab that produced the visuals for Benjamin Button.

Also, below is an interview between Complex & Ye about the Air Yeezy's...

Kanye West: MC, Producer, Hypebeast: I’ve always stressed my passion for design—and not just, “Oh, let me throw my name on this,” but to use my celebrity as an opportunity to jump into the design world—and in this case, to design my own shoe.

Mark Smith: Creative Dir. of Special Projects, Nike: I don’t really put my life in dates in a normal way. [Laughs.] So I couldn’t even say when everything went down, but one day I got a call asking me if I would work with Kanye on the project.

Kanye West: It was after the Air Force 1 “1 Night Only” event [in December 2006]. I sat there and drew countless forms of shoes, and a lot of them were inspired by Back to the Future, by the McFlys or whatever people call them—I just call them the Mags. All kinds of different ideas that stemmed from that and Robotech and all my other anime influences.

Mark Smith: What we wanted to do was really create something that was specific and unique to the two of us working together, so it wasn’t an entourage full of people on either side.

Kanye West: Nike is the No. 1 sneaker lifestyle brand, right? And I’m the No. 1 most influential cutural pop art brand: scarves, beards, plastic glasses, whatever. So you take those two things and you mesh that—it’s very exciting. I’m the Nike of culture.

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