Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mic Terror Voted Best Hip-Hop Act of 2009 by Chicago Reader

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A big congratulatory toast is in order for Mic Terror who was voted Chicago's Best Hip-Hop Act of 2009 by the Chicago Reader. This is definitely a nice honor and accolade from the Reader.

“Swagger” has to be the most overused word in hip-hop today—your mom’s probably waiting for a good moment to drop it into conversation—and even after it goes out of style, the ineffable combination of skill, style, and braggadocio will remain the single most crucial quality of a good MC. Mic Terror has swagger to spare. He had it when was just some dude catching a bit of reflected shine off the Cool Kids; he had it when he got his first bump of national exposure via a beef with east-coast rapper Mazzi, who was dissing the tight-pants-wearing ungangsta hip-hop scene that Terror’s part of; and he really started swinging it around after a consensus emerged that the battle had been a Mic Terror victory.

I also noticed that the readers (not to be confused with the Reader) placed Project Mayhem as their top choice. So congrats to Lennon and the crew as well!

Head over to the Chicago Reader DOT COM to check out the entire feature, or pick it up on news stands now.

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