Sunday, April 26, 2009

3 Inches of Blood x Nike 6.0 Zoom Oncore High

In what may seem like an unlikely pairing, Nike 6.0 has teamed up with Canadian heavy metal band, 3 Inches of Blood, for an intriguing new collaboration sneaker. After learning that many of their athletes were die-hard metalheads and fans of the band, Nike decided that a collaboration made sense and the result is the Blood Oncore High. The shoe was co-designed by the band themselves, choosing an interesting selection of colors and materials to represent their aggressive sound in sneaker form. Known for their wizards and warriors fantasy battle themes, the Zoom Oncore High has been built for war. The shoe features different muted shades of brown and green distressed leather for the upper with metallic silver side panels to symbolize the menacing blades of war. As a nod the band’s colorful name, various red hues provide additional accents on the tongue, midsole and laces and the 3 Inches of Blood logo is stitched into the heel. Whether you are a fan of the band or just think these kicks are fresh, you can pick up a pair at select Nike 6.o retailers beginning on May 1st.