Saturday, April 18, 2009

Big Sean x Chip Tha Ripper in Detroit - 4.16.09

Thursday night, April 18th, 2009... Chip was in Detroit for Big Sean's "KEYS TO THE CITY" party. Which was also the first place you could pick up an actual copy of Big Sean's NEW mixtape "UKNOWBIGSEAN"!!! Which you can download by CLICKING HERE. GREAT MIXTAPE... I highly recommend the download!

While Chip, Duke & everybody else was in Detroit... Im in Chicago. Pulled up LATE Thursday night... Drove past Million $ Mano's BDAY party & Willy Joy's "Fly By Night" event... Both were absolutely ROCKING! After not being able to find a parking spot, we called it a night. Yesturday, I picked up the homie Dre (Brainiac Society), we hit up some stores & dropped off some flyers. After that we headed to the airport & picked up Mr. Brainiac himself, Naledge from the MONSTER group "Kidz in the Hall." After the airport we went to this Sushi spot, got some food & caught up with Naledge. Which if I might add, we were all doubting Naledge's choice of Sushi, until we actuall got there. FOOOOOD WAS AMAZING! Shout out to Naledge for that! LoL.

Anyway... Im in Chicago... Im hitting all the stores with flyers before I leave on Sunday.
If you in Chicago, stop @ anyone of your boutiques & grab a flyer!!! THEY ARE DOPE... Check it out below!!!

(Chip & Cliff Skywalker, He runs a GREAT blog... CLICK HERE)


Jamie Slade said...

This is hella sick, i've been bumpin the shit! outta big sean's mixtape!

just started a blog too:

adubb finally famous said...

Good Shit!

Jenny Pooh said...

OMG....Big Sean Is Not Very Big At All...he's skinny...whoa...n i might add...damn must i b part of one of the illest rap groups 2 get kev 2 try sushi...i remember offering a california roll n was rejected...lmaolmaolmao