Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dhani Jones Tackles the Globe

**I was watching a preview this morning, looks dope! Travel Channel has some quality TV.**

Dhani Jones was an NFL linebacker for the Cincinnati Bengals, Philadelphia Eagles and New Orleans Saints. He was originally drafted by the New York Giants in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft after playing at Michigan. In addition to his prowess as a professional athlete, Jones has shown a variety of skills off the field. He founded a company that sells high-end bowties, and he also writes movie reviews and commentary for Page2 on He hosted the ESPN2 show Timeless. During the 2006 NFL Playoffs, Jones was a correspondent for the NFL Network. On his show, he learns how to play international sports that are unknown to most Americans. The episodes aired thus far: * Thailand Dhani traveled to Thailand to train as a Muay Thai kick boxer and learn about the Thai culture. In his lone match, he defeated his Thai opponent with a third round knockout.

* Switzerland Dhani traveled to Switzerland to train in the Swiss sport of Schwingen. Relying on his high school wrestling skills as well as new techniques taught by his Swiss coach, Dhani won 2 of 4 matches against Swiss opponents in the first round, before bowing out in the single elimination final round.
* England In January 2008 he played in a rugby union match in England for Blackheath R.C. in the EDF Energy Trophy against Launceston RUFC.
* New Zealand. As part of his tour he visited several sailing syndicates in New Zealand that were competing in the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series. Working as a grinder on Team New Zealand’s yacht and sailing as 18th man with Team Origin.

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