Thursday, April 16, 2009

Juvenile Confirms Hot Boys Reunion...

via. HipHopUpdate.

“I already signed the deal,” Terius “Juvenile” Grey, told Alison Fensterstock, in March, “so for me I’m gonna definitely say it’s a go. I already received the check.” Juve, who’s preparing his ninth solo album, Cocky and Confident (Atlantic), later this year, went on to add, “Wayne is going to put that out, so for me and Wayne, it’s a go. I don’t know if the business been straightened out, but I know B.G.’s on board and he’s willing to do it. I don’t know where Turk stand on the business side.”

Christopher “B.G.” Dorsey confirmed as much when he also spoke to VIBE. “Yeah, yeah, you can look forward to that coming real soon,” he said. “We finishing all the paper work now, and hopefully we will have that out this year. It’s going to be bigger than the Beatles!”

Mannie Fresh also sounded optimistic when he spoke to VIBE in late March. “I think we close to finishing [the deal].

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Jenny Pooh said...

OMG...thank tha friggin lawd...FINALLY...i didnt want 2 b 40 tryin 2 bump Hot Boyz...damn...i am so happy..Turk is the coldest next 2 Wayne...I always sed They were the hottest group ever...Hip Hip Hooray!!!!