Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sneakerology 101 x Reebok Reverse Jam

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**Lovin the Color Choice here...**

What you’re looking at is something that probably has never been done as a legitimate educational institution finds itself at the center of a sneaker collaboration. Carnegie Mellon’s Sneakerology 101 (video breakdown here) class was ground-breaking as the first educational post-secondary class which dabbled extensively into many aspects of sneaker culture. Reebok’s recognition of these efforts led to the creation of the Sneakerology 101 x Reebok Reverse Jam. The shoe as you would image is heavily inspired by the classroom, more specifically the chalkboard and its surroundings. The color coordination goes as follow with Slate Nubuck (blackboard), Chalk Yellow Side-Stripes (chalk) and a Wool Felt Tongue (eraser). Furthermore, the Carnegie Mellon school color highlights the outsole, stitching and laces. Two other noteworthy designs are the class logo on the top of the heel and the plaid insole, a tribute to school founder Andrew Carnegie’s Scottish Heritage. The shoe’s evident theme is education but one that extends beyond the walls of Carnegie Mellon and into the Greater Pittsburgh area. Proceeds from the shoe’s sale will go towards the benefit of the Hill House Association, a non-profit organization which supports locals with education-based youth programs. The shoes in a run of 101 will be sold for $75 USD each at the university organized Kicksburg public event on Wednesday, April 15th. If you’re in the area, also check out Sneakerology 101’s “Where’d You Get Those” lecture with Bobbito Garcia today, April 6th.

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