Tuesday, May 19, 2009

5 Minutes with GLC

via. NiceKicks.

You may know him from certified bangers like “Spaceships” and “Drive Slow”, but GLC is determined to keep that G.O.O.D. Music going.

His latest single “Big Screen” featuring ‘Ye is already making noise with the video getting steady airplay, and the album, “Love, Life, and Loyalty” is due out later this year.

We caught up with GLC down in Austin during SXSW to chop it up over girls, music, and of course - sneakers. Shouts out to Briahna, Geno, and the G.O.O.D. Music crew for all their support.

Nice Kicks: So how you been doing? What’s up with the music?

GLC: Man, life is great. I’m feelin’ like I got my mind right for the lime light, and even when it’s wrong, I’m always havin’ my time right. I got the “Big Screen” video I just shot with Kanye. Man, that thing right there is about to make some noise you know what I’m sayin? Been workin’ really hard in the studio finishing up my album, “Love, Life, & Loyalty” due out this summer. I got a gang of producers out of Chicago that people ain’t never heard of, but after my album drops, they’re going to be household names - I got my man Keezo Kane, a group of producers called The Trail Blazers, another group called Squad Deep, XL - I’m sorry I can’t remember everybody, but we’re fixing to get it in.

I see you got the Yeezys on, what’s your sneaker game like?

I’m big into sneakers man - I just copped me some 90s. Man, I went to the Nike Store in Atlanta in Lenox Mall. They didn’t even have this one pair of shoes I wanted in my size, but I stayed in there for about 20 minutes and waited because…the shoes are fresh as hell - some 90s - they got the fuchsia and the turquoise, the black, and the white. But on top of that, the girl that was helping me was magnificent. She was a great creation - God did a time and a half on her.

Haha - how many pairs of shoes do you think you own?

Mmm…probably about between 200-300.


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