Sunday, May 24, 2009

GLC - Live at the Wild Hare

GLC feat. Bump J - "The Big Knot"

via. FSD.

Gangsta L. Crisis had his Flight School concert at the Wild Hare in the lovely Wrigleyville neighborhood. I love seeing Hip Hop shows over there because the traditional Wrigley crowd look into the windows of Wild Hare trying to figure out exactly what's going on in there. A little different from Sluggers, okay guys?

When I arrived to the venue, there was a line around the corner, so GLC defintiely brought the people out last night. I also gotta give it up to Dillaman who did a great job with the promotion (shouts to Dilla!). I arrived when YP was taking the stage, and I saw Eugene up there with his trusty camera, so look for some of that footage to surface shortly. Ha!

The great thing about GL's performance, was that he performed a bunch of never-before-heard tracks from his upcoming debut, Love, Life & Loyalty, including "The Big Knot" featuring Bump J and "Cold as Ice" featuring Twista. Obviously, Bump was NOT there to perform with GL, but G was nice enough to let a portion of his verse play, which you can hear for the very first time on FSD. I know you're going to be thirsty for that one.

Hit the jump to see him perform "Cold As Ice" (sans Cavalier) and "So Real" (a snippet of which was featured on the I Ain't Even on Yet mixtape).

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