Friday, May 8, 2009

Jordan 60+ Laney Edition

via. NK.

Earlier today we saw what many would say is the best hybrid sneaker we’ve seen, the Nike Air 1/2 Cent. There hasn’t been a shortage of hybrids from Jordan Brand, but decent photos of the latest hybrid, the Jordan 60+ have been scarce to say the least.

Jordan 60+ Laney colorway comes in a colorway familiar to Jordan fans, as MJ’s high school team colors previously applied to the Air Jordan 5. The 60+ however, is familiar in many pieces, but not assembled in this way. Featuring pieces from the Air Jordan I (toe box), the Air Jordan II (heel, tongue), the Air Jordan V (outsole) and the Air Jordan VII (side panels, tongue graphics), JB covers all the games Michael scored 60 plus in. Creative idea, was it well executed though?

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