Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nike Big Nike “Wolverine”

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In recent years, we have spotted a plethora of sneakers inspired by memorable box office movies (see Sneaker Geeks: 11 of the Best Movie Inspired Sneakers). With that said, it seems Nike will continue to use movies as inspiration to some of its classic sneakers. Check out this Nike Big Nike that draws inspiration from the recently released X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie.

Obviously, the shoe itself is inspired by Wolverine’s uniform. It features a predominately yellow leather upper with multiple blue, black and red details throughout the base. Drawing inspiration from Wolverine’s most known asset (claws), the shoe possesses claw designs as if Wolverine ripped through the side panels himself. To finish it off, this Nike Big Nike “Wolverine” is complimented with a white midsole and blue outsole. Head on over to Proper and snag a pair for $100.

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Jenny Pooh said...

WOW!!!!! These r STOOPID FRESHAH...if i was gettin married..i'd have em on under my dress...if i went on a job nterview...i'd have 2 b dont mind me...i luv dope shoes...