Thursday, May 28, 2009

NORMLizer – The L-Word

via. HighTimes.

While the American public clearly, even enthusiastically, supports medical access to cannabis (75%) and decriminalization for adult possession (73%), a significantly smaller portion of the population (42%) supports outright legalization. Thankfully, that didn’t stop California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) from boldly introducing legislation in March to finally legalize the sale of cannabis for non-medical purposes – i.e., for responsible adult use!

Proponents, including NORML, framed the Marijuana Control, Regulation and Education Act as a way to generate more than $1 billion in new tax revenues and reduced enforcement costs in California – a tough case to argue against in these troubling economic times. So let the debate begin in earnest, particularly now that a viable marijuana-legalization bill has been introduced in the nation’s largest state (which also happens to be the nation’s most cannabis-tolerant – and cash-strapped – state), with the world’s eight-largest economy and an already existing semi-legal retail market for medical cannabis – a market that’s clearly leaving billions of uncollected tax dollars on the table, unable to benefit a general population that supports legalization and control.


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