Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Terry Urban Presents Southerngold

Terry Urban and Gold Coin present: SouthernGold from Flique Creative on Vimeo.

via. TPPS.

**Chip just did a song for this mixtape... Word from Terry is it will be the ONLY original song on this remix mixtape. Also, its nice to see that Terry & Mick are working with Gold Coin Clothing (sidenote: ill take credit for setting that relationship up, thank you very much)... SHOUT OUT TO THE BIG HOMIE RAY!!! Gold Coin Clothing some of the DOPEST OUT!!!**

Terry Urban, Gold Coin Clothing and of course TPPS are releasing a new album June 1st called Southerngold. The album consists of Terry’s favorite dirty south rappers going in on remixed Santigold beats. The album will be available for free download on TPPS and Gold Coin June 1st.

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