Thursday, May 21, 2009

Video: GLC feat. Bun B - "Clockin' Lotsa Dollars" (Behind the Scenes Pt.1)

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Yesterday, I shot out to a 'secret location' to snatch some behind the scenes footage of GLC's next single/video, "Clockin' Lotsa Dollars", featuring the Underground King himself, Bun B. Bun and GLC both flew in from out of town to film their segments with director extraordinaire Travis of Ike Films.

I can't reveal too much about the video or the song itself, but I can tell you that it's a monster (produced by Xcel), and it should be dropping sometime in June (the video and the track).

In the clip above, GLC and Bun B talk a little bit about pimpin', Church, Church on the move as well as a pair of "Air Superman's" that made it through the door.

It was truly an honor to be at the shoot and chop it up with Bun in-depth, and not just on some interviewer/interviewee type ish. Bun was dropping a lot of gems on the people in attendance and sharing classic UGK stories as well as discussing some of the the Pimp Chad Butler's finer moments.

After the shoot everyone hit the release party for Naledge's Chicago Picasso, which was a blast and featured a whole slew of Chi City notables: The Cool Kids, Really Doe, Mic Terror, Timbuck2, the whole Brainiac Society (Vic, Fooch, Bighomie DOE, Dre, etc), Chip tha Ripper, YP, Prolyfic, the RH Crew, Marc Moran, Michael Kolar, Bullet, Verse, John Monopoly and others.

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