Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Audio: Jay-Z Speaks with WGCI

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Yesterday, Jiggaman was on Chicago's WGCI to promote his upcoming Chi show on July 7th with Ciara, which you should run and buy tickets for immediately. Cop them here. Also, I'm doing a couple FSD giveaways for tickets to the show as well, so stay tuned for that.

Jay discusses the following:

To plug his upcoming concert in the Chi on July 7, Hov calls in to WGCI:
He talks more about the coin toss
The Wendy’s commercial that used autotune.
DJ Webstar’s a young dude who doesn’t understand.
How him and B got bills to pay so they tour.**
Advice he gave Rihanna.
He wants Kobe to get his ring.
Nets are breakin’ ground in BK in Sept.
His top 5: Big, Pac, Scarface, Eminem and Andre 3 Stacks
Lauryn Hill is GOAT of female MC’s.
And BP3 (a.k.a. The New Classic) is mostly Kanye but Timbo got some heat on there and he’s still recording.

Listen here.

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