Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cuyahoga County Democratic Party Chairman Jimmy Dimora to leave party post indefinitely

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Jimmy Dimora, the center of federal public corruption probe in Cuyahoga County, will take a leave as county party chairman starting July 1, according to party officials.

Cleveland Clerk of Council Pat Britt, who is the party's vice chair, will take over. The unpaid position will not affect her job as clerk.

The local party, however, is not saying Dimora will stay away forever.

Executive Director Mary Devring said Dimora is not resigning. She said Dimora decided on his own to step aside during the busy election season. This year, 58 cities hold municipal races.

"It's busier than a presidential election year," Devring said. "Jimmy thought this would be in the best interest of the party during the muny races. Nobody persuaded him. He decided on his own. He needed to do what he needed to do."


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