Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Joe Buck, Way Out Of His Element


**This is BRUTAL! If you love the Howard Stern Show as much as me, you prolly love Artie Lang. (no homo) LAST NIGHT, Artie showed face on Joe Buck's new HBO show... Needless to say, I think Joe Buck needs to go back to FOX baseball & football.**

Watching celebrities attempt to survive outside their normal element makes for compelling television.

When it happens, the producers usually are delighted.

We can’t imagine that “delight” would describe the feelings of anyone remotely connected to HBO’s Joe Buck Live right now, with the exception of anyone whose secret goal was to torpedo the entire effort.

For Artie Lange, his mission to destroy Buck’s non-sports career (and, possibly, his sports career, too) became obvious, both during the show that aired on the official HBO network and the extra segment that appeared on HBO.com.

In our view, the paddles now can be removed from Buck’s attempt to cross over from sports. The only remaining question is whether the folks at FOX will now regard Buck differently — or whether enough members of the FOX audience will do so to prompt the executives at FOX that it’s time to begin to groom someone else to be the network’s ubiquitous face of sports announcing.

Meanwhile, we assume that whoever booked Lange for the show already has cleaned out his or her desk. (And that’s no small task, since we also assume that Lange stopped by a took a dump on it as he was leaving.)

The best line actually came from Michael Irvin, who said in response to the Lange-Buck verbal awkwardness, “It’s refreshing to see white-on-white crime.”

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The Mayor said...

WOW!!!!!! i watched this live and damn it was funny. i love artie too
(no homo). didnt get to listen to the show this morning to hear is explanation. should be interesting cause he didnt give a FUCK what joe buck had to say.