Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kanye West - Paranoid (feat. Kid Cudi)

KANYE WEST "PARANOID" feat: RIHANNA Dir: NABIL from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

I know two things...

1. Kanye didn't want this to get out early, but its out. And its ILLLL!

2. When 808s came out, I remember Cudi told me that the reason why "Paranoid" says featuring Mr. Hudson instead of Kid Cudi is because they accidentally put the wrong version on the Album. He used this example exactly... he said that the "Paranoid" that made it on the 808s album was like 90% him and 10% Mr. Hudson on the Hook. The version that WAS SUPPOSED to go on the album was gona have more EVEN vocals like 50/50, so Cudi and Hudson could both be heard singing on the hook.

Regardless... By now, if you can't tell it's Cudi... Kill Yourself!


HaLF said...

I KNEW IT!! That shit was buggin me cause I was hearing CuDi, but it kept saying Mr. Hudson and FAINTLY heard that British accent.

Kev - S.L.A.B. ENT. said...