Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Kickdrums - Just A Game [Album]

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Just A Game the album has finally arrived. Although most have heard of The Kickdrums through their production, this is their debut as solo artists. With an array of influences all bottled into one, this kind of shy’s away from your regular hip-hop. These are 10 tracks that will take you for a nice ride of different vibes. Tracklist and link after the jump, and if you want to support some good indie music, you know what to do.


01. Impatient (Slow Down)
02. When I Come Down
03. Just A Game
04. Things Work Out
05. Personal Calamity
06. Out To Get Me!
07. Slippin Away
08. Mental Traveler
09. Death Of A Dream Machine
10. Tell Me Stories

DOWNLOAD: The Kickdrums - Just A Game [Album]

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