Saturday, June 6, 2009



Big Sean feat. Kanye West - Glenwood

Uncle Murda - OK, You’re Right

Mary J. Blige feat. Drake - Nothin’ On Me

Trey Songz feat. Drake - Invented Sex

The Dream - Umbrella (Rihanna Demo)

1 comment:

Jenny Pooh said...'s gud 2 hear "the real kanye"..ya kno...tlakin shit, not singing, n no damn autotune, i liked it...

That Mary j. Blige...uumm i luv tha fuk outta Mary...but..yawn...stretch...i dunno..she fell n2 the autotune trap...but drake is always hot.

n Tha Trey Songs- Shuda just went ahead n threw "Dream" on smelled like the Dream all the way...i dunno...
but then again i'm the same gurl who doesnt like Open Pit